Sunday, January 11, 2015

Meeting Recap (January 10th, 2015)

We eased into 2015 with a day filled with games...hoping to kick off the new year in a fun fashion. In case you missed it, we encourage you to check out our new STLMQG Instagram account, as it includes some photos as well as highlights of Show & Tell.

Is one of your resolutions to get your quilts out in front of more people?  There are two upcoming opportunities you should know about.
It is not too late to get in on the Pincushion Swap.  You have 5 whole weeks to finish it, as they are due at our February meeting; which coincidentally is on Valentine's Day this year.  You'll want to be sure to bring your A-Game, as there will be a small prize for the member-chosen winner, and then the swapping and rob-your-neighbor madness starts.  

Thanks to everyone who played along in our Guild Games; while we know that some were much more fun then others, we hope that you had some giggles nonetheless.  

Until next time, be sure to visit us on Facebook where the conversation never ends.

See you on February 14th!

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