2019 Block Lotto

We had so much fun with last year's Block Lotto that we couldn't resist doing it again this year! Over the course of the year, we'll "assign" three to four blocks. Those who want to participate should make as many of the assigned block as they wish and bring them to the meeting at which they're due. Each finished block is worth one ticket. All of the tickets will be put into a drawing, and the person with the winning ticket wins all of the blocks! Depending on the number of blocks we receive, we may choose to split them among multiple people (for instance, if we have enough blocks to make two throw quilts, they'll be split between two winners). This activity is totally voluntary, and the blocks aren't related. Feel free to join in if and when you choose!

Block #1
  • Block #1 is a wonky star block.
  • You can choose to make blocks in any of three sizes: 6”, 9”, or 12” finished (blocks should measure 6.5”, 9.5”, or 12.5” square when turned in). You will receive one ticket per block regardless of the size block you choose.
  • The background fabrics should be low-volume prints. The star fabrics should be monochromatic (varying shades of one color) prints in any color.
  • You can use any tutorial you want, but here are a few to get you started: Owen's Olivia, Wombat Quilts, and Berry Barn Designs.
  • The blocks are due at our March meeting.

Block #2
  • Block #2 is a simple quarter square triangle block.
  • Start with 10” fabric squares (at least two different colors, but the more the better).
  • Use ONLY solid fabrics in bright colors plus light gray.
  • Square up your finished blocks to 8.75" square.
  • You can use any tutorial you want, but here are a few to get you started: The Crafty Quilter and The Spruce Crafts.
  • UPDATE! The blocks are now due at our July meeting (changed from May).

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