Saturday, March 12, 2011

Member Spotlight #4

NameJamie Mueller
Flickr Name:  Jamie Mueller  Blog:  and  Area of Town:  Farmington
Misc: I am married to my wonderful husband Jon of almost 4 years who fully supports my quilting addiction.  We live with our three cats who love to lay on all of the quilts I make!

What brought you to the STLMQG?
---I love modern fabrics and the fresh outlook Modern quilters and designers have on quilting.  I live in Farmington where there isn’t a huge selection of quilt shops that carry modern fabrics. I wanted to be a part of a FUN, inspirational group of crazy quilters like myself to hang out with and share ideas with!  After our first meeting I was HOOKED and wanted to keep coming back for more.  I get so inspired after our meetings and LOVE the people I’ve met through this guild.  Kristy, our President, and Mary Claire, our Vice President, come up with awesome swaps, challenges and activities that keep this guild interesting!

Do you participate in other guilds or bees?
---I sew on Monday nights at my church and we work on quilts for World Relief.
When did you start quilting?
---I’ve quilted and sewn off and on for my entire life.  My Grandma does the most amazing embroidery and my Mom is the most talented quilter I know and I am so blessed to have them in my life!  My family owns SunFlower Quilts in Houston, Texas so you can say quilting is in my blood! J

Why do you quilt?
---This is a tough question and it took me a while to be able to put it into words besides just to say that I love it!  Quilting is a family tradition for me and I don’t want that tradition to end!  I want to share the art of quilting with everyone that I come across! The process of turning a silly little idea in my head into a beautiful quilt is so much fun and amazes me to this day!  Quilting is what I enjoy doing and God keeps leading my heart and hands towards it!

What was your most recent fabric purchase?
---Amy Butler Soul Blossoms yardage.

 What is on your "I want to make this" List?
--- Geez my to-do list goes on and on and really doesn’t end…I’ll share a couple things
    -Spiderweb Quilt
    -I want to reinvent the Dresden Plate (not sure how yet, but I want it to happen)

What is something you struggle with?
---  Time!! Not only do I have my blog and Flickr to keep up with, but the shop’s blog/Flickr/Facebook/Twitter as well!!  Writing patterns is so time consuming and the hardest part of quilting for me!  I love quilting and it’s just so hard to find the time to do all the sewing I want!   
What do you do when you aren't quilting?
---  Besides all of the Internet stuff that I have/like to do, I love watching sports and being outside. I have a large family and love seeing them!  There always seems to be something going on, whether a birthday or a sporting event.  I love watching my little sister Erica play basketball and run track.  I love playing with my nephews and watching them grow up!  My family keeps inspiring me with new ideas of things to make and having a big family is a great excuse to make more stuff J 
Anything else you want to say?
I love hexagons!
I love cats!
Baseball is my favorite sport!
I’m from Texas!

I could eat steak and a baked potato everyday!!
I’ve designed 4 projects so far for Moda Bake Shop and the last one was just on March 9th called Sugar Baby!  We currently have a giveaway going on through March 16th on my blog ( and the shop’s blog ( for a FQ bundle!!  Go and check it out!!
Also, through March 16th on we’re having 10% OFF your entire order so be sure to check that out!!

Here are some photos that Jamie wanted to share with you


Jackie Russell said...

Thanks for sharing a little about yourself with us Jamie. I can't believe you drive from Farmington every month. My Mom was at the meeting you talked about blogs & flickr and is from Ste. Genvieve (probable spelled this wrong)now lives in Texas and thought you were just a guest speaker for the meeting. She couldn't believe you drive it every month either. I'm so glad you make the drive you keep the meetings interesting. I can't wait for you to win another name tag drawing. LOL!

Miss Nancy said...

Nice spotlight, Jaime. You are such a fun and energetic lady. Your quilts are super awesome.

Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

Jamie Mueller @ SunFlower Seeds said...

thanks guys...ya'll are so sweet!! Driving an hour isn't too bad :)