Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Meeting #2 October 9th, 2010

Welcome STLMQG Members and Fellow Quilters,

We are ready for takeoff, we have a location, agenda and things are coming together better than imagined.
Here's what you need to know.

Date:  Saturday, October 9th

Time: 9:30am-Noon

Luminary Center for the Arts
4900 Reber Place
Saint Louis MO 63139

**Please make sure that you Google directions if you are unfamiliar with the area.  Here is a general map.

**Please note that light snacks and beverages are okay to bring.


- Welcome & Brief Introductions
- Show & Tell
- Guild Business
      • Membership #s, Forms, Dues and $$ collected
      • Donations for door prizes, etc
      • October Social (Date & Location)
      • November voting on Leadership
      • Getting the word out there about STLMQG
      • Would you like to start a committee? Rules & Regulations  *See Flickr discussion thread too.
      • Introduce your idea
      • Gather participants


-Next Meeting Dates, Location, Etc.
-Remaining Questions?
-Closing Remarks
-Door Prizes
-Mix & Mingle

**Please remember to bring your Show & Tell item, your handmade nametag, $15 cash for dues and most importantly your smiling face for lots of fun.

If you are interested in starting an activities committee (fabric swap, block swap, etc), please bring your ideas with you and be prepared to present them to the group.  I'll have sign-ups sheets that you can use to start gathering participants.  Please note that Activity Committees can be started throughout the year so if you are unable to attend October's meeting, there's always next month.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Things are coming together

It looks like we will have a meeting place (or even two) soon; which is perfect because we are growing at a fast pace and I know that everyone is excited to start learning, doing and sharing.  It's been a big search; but I should have a confirmed answer later this week. 

Also, just wanted to let you all know about some new things going on. 
  • I've created a Modern Quilt Photo page; which is a nice way to not only showcase some quilts our members have made.  It also is a "learning tool" for those people who venture to our page wondering what makes our group so different then other more traditional quilt guilds.  To access the page, just look at the toolbar under our title.
  • We'll be starting Show & Tell as a regular installment at our general meetings.  Bring a WIP (work in progress), a finished piece, a book or tool you love, etc.  Participation is completely voluntary.
  • Be thinking about a committee you'd like to start, maybe it's a fat quarter swap, quilting bee, or something else you think others would like to participate in.  You'll have the opportunity at our October 9th meeting to let us know your idea and possibly even sign up some members.  The main requirement to leading or participating in a committee, is that you must be a due-paying member of the STLMQG.  Please note that committees can be created throughout the year, so if you are not able to attend the October meeting, you can always bring it up at the next one.
I hope to see you at our October 9th meeting.  Thanks!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

MQG Info Session Recap

I want to thank everyone who attended the MQG Info Session at The Quilted Fox yesterday, we had nearly 30 people in attendance.  By the time I left we had 11 new members officially signed up...which brings our STLMQG to a total of 32 members.

I'm so happy to see how excited everyone was; which just let's me know that it was time for St. Louis to make its presence known.

There were a few bloggers' names, websites, etc which were mentioned and I wanted to make sure that I put this info out for everyone because if you are like me...trying to write down a web address can be cumbersome, I'd rather someone just send me the link.

So here you go:

Rossie , 1 hour long presentation on Modern Quilting http://vimeo.com/14680699

New Wave Quilt, created by Elizabeth Hartmann (Oh, Fransson!) http://www.ohfransson.com/oh_fransson/

Modern Quilt Guild website http://themodernquiltguild.com/
Thanks to The Quilted Fox for hosting this event! 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

MQG Information Session

Have you heard about Modern Quilting; but don't know what the buzz is about?

If the answer is Yes, then I encourage you to come to an information session today held at The Quilted Fox.

The Quilted Fox
10403 Clayton Road
St. Louis, MO 63131

Saturday, September 18th

There will be an introduction to Modern Quilting, a Show & Tell sharing some of our members' work and an opportunity to get involved in St. Louis' very own Modern Quilt Guild.

Hope to see you there.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

1st Meeting Recap (September 11,2010)

Thank you to everyone who helped make our first meeting a success.  I had a lot of fun and I could tell by the discussions that everyone is excited to get things moving. 

Here is a recap of our meeting.

I'm sorry to report that in the excitement, we forgot to take that all important Group Photo.

If you are not already a member; but would like to see what we are about, please visit our "How To Join" tab at the top of the homepage.