Monday, November 15, 2021

Meeting Recap (November 13, 2021)

Quilting Trivia was a hit! There were laughs, there were sighs and ultimately the masked Quilters took top spot after a tiebreaker with the Corner Table! Competing teams like the Sexy Hexies, the Spoolies, the Flying Geese and more battled it out over knowledge about patterns, fabric, notions and STLMQG & MQG history. It was a fun time for competition and a little learning! 

Guild Business:
  • Gail Luther, treasurer touched on the current state of the guild finances - if you'd like to know more make sure to connect with Gail.

  • Christine Boyd, our secretary gave a quick update on member numbers. We are currently sitting at about 175! Make sure to pay your 2022 dues so you can stay in the loop. If you're not a member yet - check out how to join.

  • Our Vice President Em Komiskey covered some of the online happenings coming up, below is a list. 
    "Quilting Adjacent" Classes at Perennial STL!   
  • Mini Macrame Ornaments, Wednesday December 8, 6:30pm-8:30pm
  • Upcycled Sweater Mittens, Wednesday December 15, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Leather Wallet, Saturday December 18, 10am-12:30pm
  • Intro to Embroidery, Saturday December 18, 10am-1pm
Items Covered:
  • 2022 STLMQG Board Members: Cathy Jones - President, Octavia Pitts - Secretary, Returning Members: Em Kominsky - Vice President, Gail Luther - Treasurer (pictured left to right)

  • 4x5 Quarterly Bees Signups Open Quarterly Block Bees - Signups for round 4 are open now! Link is in your email. Please reach out to guild Vice President Em Komiskey with any questions - and please make sure to post progress pictures and tag #stlmqg4x5bee on IG!

  • Hand Sew *Home* Happy Hour will be on break for the holidays - stay tuned for meetings in 2022!

  • Skill builder Thank You! A huge thank you to everyone who participated posted and taught! Shoutouts to our teachers: Leila Gardunia, Lilo Whitener-Fey, Christine Boyd, Octavia Pitts, Jessica Schunke, Sarah Holst, and Em Kominsky! 

  • 2022 Member Dues - We have some exciting things planned for 2022 so make sure that you are current with your dues so you can stay in the know and on the email list! You can pay dues online here or in person at the meetings. We are excited for 2022 and want to make sure everyone sticks along for the ride! If you are a new member please check out the new member page to fill out your application. 

  • Quiltcon Community Challenge Quilt
    - a huge thank you to everyone who helped make this beautiful quilt!

  • Vet Quilts - Vet Community Quilts were due at this meeting, our goal was 30 quilts and we knocked that out of the park with 41! Thank you to everyone who participated and made our goal a reality.

  • PICU Quilts our two color challenge quilts PICU Quilts were due at this previous meeting and our members showed us some awesome creations. Our goal is 60 quilts - we've also knocked this out of the park so far with 94! We will still be accepting quilts at the December meeting so make sure to bring your quilts then! Also please share your finished quilts on social using #stlmqg #stlmqgcards and #stlmqgpicuquilts!

  • December 2021 Holiday Raffle - We will be taking donations for tickets for the December holiday raffle next month. Please note: these donations are not what you might put on the free table; we are looking for retail quality items that most folks in the guild would be excited to take home. And don't feel limited to just quilt related items! Anything you think might be fun including wine, gift cards, or anything else you have hanging around that you would like to pass on. You can buy your raffle tickets prior to the meeting in December - please see your member email for details. And remember to bring something to write your name on your tickets with, mailing labels or stamps work great for this too!

  • 2022 Committee Signups - Signups are now open for next year's committees - our committees are the glue of the guild and keep us involved and exciting. We would love to have you participate! If you're interested check out the link in your member email to signup now.
  • Fabric Raffle 
    Thanks to another very generous donation from our sponsor Cotton Cuts we had two excited members win some awesome Wild Forgotten by Bonnie Christine & AGF! As always we are so thankful for a local fabric sponsor - check out Cotton Cuts to see how you can get fabric delivered to your door!

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Meeting #115 (November 13th, 2021)

We had a great time making holiday cards together last month and we loved the time to catch up and enjoy time with folks. A similarly good time will be had this week - we will be having a friendly trivia competition to test everyone's guild knowledge. Make sure you've been keeping up on your emails and been keeping those eyes peeled online for quilting knowledge tidbits. We will be meeting this Saturday from 10:00am - 12:00pm at the Shrewsbury Center - in the multi-purpose room this week - see the Meeting and Events Tab for more information. All members will be required to wear masks regardless of vaccine status.

We are still planning on Zooming the meeting and are hoping those on zoom will be their own team to participate in the trivia and join in the fun! The link and info will be sent to your member email later this week. 

This meeting will include:

-Welcome & Zoom Courtesy 101

- Guild Business:
  :: Membership Information
  :: Financial Information
  :: Quilting News

- Announcements/Reminders
  :: November Fabric Bundle Raffle - See your email for more details and the link. 
  :: 4x5 Quarterly Bee Updates
  :: 2022 Board Updates
  :: 2022 Membership Dues
  :: QuiltCon Community Challenge Quilt Update
  :: 2022 Guild Speakers & Events
  :: December Raffle 
  :: Committee Sign-ups 2022
  :: Committee Announcements
  :: Charity Quilt Projects
  :: Member Updates

Quilting Trivia

October Skill Builder Prize Winner

- November Bundle Raffle Drawing

- Show & Share

-------------------------- Reminders/Items Due ------------------------------

:: Don't forget to post your pictures of your new binding skills on IG using the hashtag #stlmqgskillbuilder or email us at to be entered to win this month's prize.

:: Holiday Cards - make sure to bring any additional cards to the meeting this week.

:: 2022 Membership dues are open now - don't forget to get those paid so you stay in the know - link will be in your member email.

:: 2022 Committee signups are open now - you can signup online using the link in your email or signup in person at the meeting this week. 

:: December raffle - make sure to bring your retail quality items to this month and next month's meetings. Items donated will earn you tickets to use to enter to win items at the raffle in December. 

:: Charity quilts deadlines are coming up! CG PICU Baby quilts are due in December & The Veterans Community Project (VCP) quilts are due this month! If you are participating in the Two-Color Challenge PICU quilts those are due at this meeting as well!