Sunday, September 22, 2013

STLMQG Cares - Pillow Tutorial

So, have you started to pull some modern fabric from your stash or maybe picked up a yard or two at a local now what?  Make a pillow cover of course...

Q:  Can I use any pillow-cover tutorial?

A:  In an effort to streamline our process and the project overall, we have decided to use one tutorial. 

Please use the following tutorial; which was created specifically for this project and was tested for accuracy and ease of assembly.  This tutorial creates a well-fitted pillow cover that includes finished seams; which will strengthen the durability of the pillow.

This file is very large, so please download it to your computer.
One note before you start assembling pillow covers, please make sure that you have a handful of our STLMQG Cares labels on hand, as you'll need them prior to pillow assembly. 

These are available at each STLMQG meeting.  If you cannot wait until the next meeting, please email the STLMQG and we will forward your request.

 Visit the STLMQG Cares tab to learn more about your next steps and about our progress.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Question 1: What is our project goal?

A:  Our guild's goal is to make 1,000 pillow covers and collect 1,000 pillow forms so we can deliver them to Siteman Cancer Center on Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2014.


Question 2: What size pillows are we making and can I donate a pillow form?

A:  The size we agreed on is 14" x 14" square.  We will gladly accept brand new pillow forms, so long as they are cotton or poly filled.  We cannot accept down-filled pillow forms, as they have the potential to cause allergies.


Question 3: How much fabric do I need to make a pillow?

A:   The pillow front requires one FQ of Modern 100% cotton quilt-shop quality printed fabric.  The pillow back requires a 1/2 yd of coordinating 100% cotton "solid or semi-solid" quilt-shop quality fabric. 
*Don't forget that you also will need a STLMQG Cares label; which are available at our STLMQG meetings. 


Question 4: Who do I contact for more information, or to learn how I can get involved?

A:   If you are a STLMQG member, please see the "Responsibilities" pdf; which was emailed to you on September 25th.  If you are a non-member, part of the quilting industry, a member of the media, can send us an email here.


Question 5: I am a member of the STLMQG; but missed the kickoff in September.  How can I participate?

A:  YAY!  We are very excited that you want to help out as we will not be able to reach our goal without the support of our members. To start, please locate the STLMQG Cares tab at the top of our blog, that is where all of the information you need to know will be located.  Second, start digging through that modern stash of yours, or consider visiting your local quilt shop to pick up some modern fabric (see Question 3 above, or visit the Pillow Tutorial post -coming soon-)


Question 6: Is the guild planning an event to sew and assemble pillows on a larger scale?

A:   Yes, we have plans to do so and will be updating our Events page as details are finalized.


This page will be updated as new questions and topics arise. 
Visit the STLMQG Cares tab to learn more about your next steps and about our progress.

STLMQG Cares - Modern Fabrics 101

Remember, we want our pillows to be a breath of fresh air.

Q:  What fabrics should we use for the front of the pillow?

A:  The front of the pillows are to be a modern fabric print, quilt-shop quality. 

For anyone who has questions about what is or isn't a modern fabric, we thought this post might help.

The below are some general guidelines for those who need them. 

Modern Fabrics are similar to those found in the below mosaic.  They are clean and saturated prints; generally not fussy or super-complex.  Some usually feature white + color; but that is not a requirement. 

We are not asking you to seek out the exact prints below; but rather ask yourself...does X or Y Fabric play nice with the below?
     -- If the answer is yes, then you are on the right track. 
     -- If the answer is no, then please consider pulling/buying something else. 

This mosaic was made using BigHugeLabs

Modern Fabrics Are Not::
  • Batiks
  • Civil War or 1930's Reproduction prints
  • Dull & Muddy colors...Forest Green, Brick, etc.
  • Pastels...Baby Pink, Pale Yellow, Baby Blue
  • the way of clowns, food-related prints, oriental-inspired, etc.
This list is not meant to say that the "Not Modern" fabrics are not beautiful in their own way; but we are striving for our pillows to have a consistent and modern look.
Q:  What fabrics should we use for the back of the pillow?
A:  The back of the pillows are to be a solid or semi-solid, and as always quilt-shop quality. 

Solid fabrics in colors that coordinate with the front of the pillow are what you want to use.  We would prefer that you don't use white for the pillow backs, it is just too light and shows it's age super fast.  Solids such as Kona, Bella, Cotton Couture, Soho Solids, etc. are all great choices. 

Alternatively, you can use semi-solids; which are super subtle prints that generally read solid when seen from a distance.  Things like this, or this and other variations. 


Updated 9/22::  A question was asked whether the premium cottons from Jo-Ann's were acceptable to use.  Yes, so long as you pick from DS Quilts, Cloud 9 Organics, ModKid Studio, Juliana Horner or the modern Michael Miller prints that they carry.  Not all of their premium cottons are modern, so it's helpful it you stick with those listed above.
 Hopefully this post has helped answer some questions you may have had about modern fabrics.
Visit the STLMQG Cares tab to learn more about your next steps and about our progress.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Meeting Recap (September 14th, 2013)

Thank you to everyone who came to our meeting yesterday, it was a packed house.  Let's get to it and don't forget to read all the way through to the bottom.

  • Lynne kicked off our STLMQG Cares "Pillow Bomb" campaign to benefit Siteman Cancer Center.  Everything you need to know regarding this charitable event can be found on the STLMQG Cares tab.  We'll be posting pillow-cover tutorials, who to contact for what, monthly events and other ways that you can be involved.   Also, once we start receiving pillow forms and pillow covers, we'll add a graphic so you can see our progress.  

  • We will begin the Riley Blake Challenge in October, and it will be due in December.  Stay tuned for more information.

  • The other anticipated part of the meeting had to be the Ohio Star Challenge quilts.  This journey started back in June and WOW!!!! you all did not disappoint. There was so much creativity that we couldn't resist covering the walls.  Below are just a few of the many quilts that were made.  We've created a Google Drive PDF, click here and download it to see them in full color. If you made a quilt, please be sure to upload a photo to our Flickr page.


Here's some things going on that you might want to know about:

We need your participation:
  • Beginning in October, we are going to feature a 10 Minute Tip at every meeting.  We know we have lots of clever members, so find the blue button along the right hand side that says "10 Minute Tip" and you'll be taken to a Google Sign-Up form.  This button will remain on our blog, so sign-up whenever you have something you want to share.  Thanks Hannah for the suggestion.

  • In October we are hosting a Pattern Writing/Magazine Submission Panel Discussion.  Yet, we can't do this without you.  We need 2 things...Panelists and Questions.  Want to be on the Panel?  Have a question you want answered?  Send us an email.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Meeting #37 - September 14th, 2013

Hello Modern Quilters,

The weather is supposed to be absolutely beautiful Saturday (upper 70s), so it is a great time to come and see what we are up to.  We have Challenge quilts to see and lots more, so don't miss this meeting.

Date: September 14th, 2013
Time: 10am - 12:30pm
Location: The Heights

***Don't forget next month's meeting is the 1st Saturday, October 5th...mark your calendars***


-Welcome & Guild Business
   :: Membership #s for 2013
   :: Financial Information
   :: Special Announcements/Quilting News
-Monthly Fabric Raffle
-Ohio Star Challenge Quilt Reveal
-Show & Tell
-Mix & Mingle

***We have an extra special Fabric Raffle this month as our very own Cindy Lammon has put together a bundle of coordinating fabrics that would make any quilter happy, and of course who wouldn't want the chance to win a copy of her new book "Simply Modern Christmas" too.

***We have seen some sneak peeks of a few Ohio Star Challenge Quilts and we can't wait to see them all in person.  Why did you made what you did?  Was it challenging, was it fun, did anything funny happen along the way?  You'll have an opportunity to talk a little about your quilt, so don't be shy.  And of course, while this challenge WAS for fun, there's no harm in having a few prizes for the top 3 Favs (as will be voted on during the meeting).

 ***Also, don't forget that we want to see your modern Show & Tell projects, fabric, books, etc.  Let's limit this to no more then 2 pieces/items a member please.

***For anyone who is wondering about the Riley Blake Fabric Challenge, as soon as we get some news, we'll let everyone know.

See you on Saturday!!
Following the meeting, don't forget that Cindy Lammon will be at JanieLou signing copies of her new book.  If you don't already have a copy, JanieLou will have them available for sale.