Thursday, May 14, 2020

Non-Meeting Recap (May 9, 2020)

Hey, friends. How are you doing? Are you holding up? Staying safe? Sane? Centered? We know, it's been tough. We ourselves have been a little absent while we try to find new routines and a new day-to-day. We apologize for not being more active and present. We know you are there, staying strong for your family, friends, coworkers, and unquestionably, the guild. Thank you. We hope you will being hearing much more from us in the coming weeks/months as we settle in a bit better.  We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Here is our non-meeting recap:
  • Status of Events: 
    • May 19th, Hand-Sew Happy Hour is now a Stay @ Home Hand-Sew Happy Hour!
    • June 12-14th, Jen Carlton-Bailly's trunk show and workshops. Canceled. 
    • June 23rd, Hand Sew Happy Hour, TBD
    • July 11th, STLMQG Meeting, Tentatively still happening! 
    • July 25th, Bocce Social, Canceled. 
    • SewMeSTL News: 
      • The SewMe Committee and the Board have made the decision to move SewMeSTL to March 12-14, 2021.  If things seem to be clearing up as the fall approaches, we will explore a smaller, less formal sewing gathering for those interested. 
    • Speakers Update: Nothing to report just yet. We continue to stay in touch with both Tara and Jen to see how things might develop. 
    • 2021 QuiltCon will be virtual! Due to the amount of planning QuiltCon requires it was necessary to make that decision now. We look forward to the experience in 2021!
  • The QuiltCon Community Outreach Quilt Challenge: This year's theme is curves and has a lovely bright palette of oranges and blues. We are looking for a small team of individuals who can take on the organization of this challenge on behalf of the guild. Please email if you are interested in being a part of that team. The overall guidelines can be found here, as well as in the April email from the MQG. 
  • A huge thank you to 'craftivist' Shannon Downey, aka @badasscrosstitch, for chatting with us about her journey in completing Rita's Quilt. We wish her the best with her new RV and her tour that, pandemic willing, will kick off this summer. We appreciate everyone who joined in on the live fun. Hopefully it brought a little breath of fresh air into your shelter. :) If you missed it, no worries. It was recorded and you can access it using the link sent in your latest STLMQG email. 
  • Guild Activities Continue!!
    • A Swap! Oh, Coronavirus, you can't hold us down! We've modified the original plan a bit, but we will push forward with a distance swap of adorable pin banners. Be sure to check your latest STLMQG email for details  
    • BOM! We've so enjoyed seeing your blocks appear on social media. Know that if you missed making/posting the March and April blocks we will absolutely still take those submissions throughout the next month. Until then: Fabric #5 (May): Other 
      Other refers to anything other than a typical quilting cotton. Linens, shot cottons, flannel, denim, chambray, minky, felt, knit, suede..... the possibilities are endless! Get creative, we can't wait to see what you come up with. Due by June 13th, the day we would have had a June meeting. All guidelines, rules, overviews, past designations and monthly updates can be found on the blog.
    • Block Lotto #2: Scrap Bin Geese! We've been excited about this block all year. The tutorial is found here and is excellent. The only changes we would like to make is that you do not have to stick to just green for the 'geese', you may use any color. Use one color, fade it from one color to another, or let your rainbow flag fly! 
    • Scrap Bin Geese quilt block tutorial from A Bright Corner
      • The goal is that these are due at the August meeting. If we do not have a meeting in August then they will be due at the first meeting we do have after that. If you are not comfortable coming to the meetings when we first start having them you can give them to a friend who is, or mail them. We will have a system in place to make sure your name is put on tickets so you still have a chance to win! 
      • Block Lotto #1 blocks will be due at the next meeting we have. Same process applies if we have a meeting but you prefer not to attend. We still want your blocks and want you to have the opportunity to win!
    • 2020 Charity Projects: 3 Charities were selected this year; we will be making pillowcases for Ryan's Case for Smiles and Fostering Families. We will also be making quilts for LEO. You can find all the details on the March 16th Blog Post.  Be sure to use #stlmqgcares and #stlmqg in your social media posts
    • 2020 Challenge: For this year's Challenge the committee has chosen a postcard inspired quilt. We want this quilt to portray a story, just as a postcard would.  Select a destination, event or life happening and make a postcard like quilt to tell us that story!  You can find all the details on the March 17th Blog Post. 
Miss you all and hope to see you soon. Take care, keep quilting, and keep showing us your work!