Quilt Show

Save the date!

The St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild's second quilt show is coming this summer!
Saturday, July 20, 2019
10 AM-5 PM

Sunday, July 21, 2019
11 AM-4 PM

Kirkwood Community Center
111 S. Geyer Road
Kirkwood, MO 63122
Admission $5
Ages 5 and under are free

--Member set-up will take place the evening of July 19. We will be coordinating staffing online and ask that all members work at least two shifts.
--During the show, members should park away from the entrance to the gym to allow our guests to have easier access.
--Quilt registration for members closed April 30. Quilt drop-offs are available at the following times/locations: 
  • Our May and July monthly meetings at The Heights
  • Friday, June 28: BEFORE Heather Jones’s trunk show (6-6:30 pm), outside the meeting room at the Brentwood Community Center
  • If members cannot make one of these dates/locations, they may contact Dottie Vaughn or Victoria Howell (info in member roster) to arrange a separate drop off.
  • The deadline for drop-offs is July 13.

--Quilts will be shown in the following categories:
  • Bee quilts: Modern quilts made by 3 or more people
  • Traveling quilts (Special bee category): Modern quilts made by 3 or more people in a "traveling quilt" style, in which one bee member makes a starter block and then the quilt is passed around to each of the other members, who each add on to the quilt before it returns to the owner.
  • Small quilts: Modern quilts that measure 36" or smaller per side. The quilt can be any shape as long as it does not exceed the size limit on any side.
  • Appliqué and handwork: Modern quilts that include either machine or hand layering of fabric where the quilt’s primary focus is appliqué OR at least one element of handwork that is the focus of the quilt, including but not limited to hand piecing, hand quilting, embroidery, redwork, cross stitch, crewel, etc. Hand-stitched binding does not qualify as handwork.
  • Improvisation: Modern quilts in which the majority of piecing was improvised (i.e., without the use of a defined pattern or templates).
  • Minimalist design: Modern quilts in which the design of the quilt emphasizes extreme simplification of content and form to achieve maximum visual impact.
  • Use of negative space: Modern quilts in which the design incorporates a creative or significant use of negative space that is integrated into and/or organizes the composition of the quilt.
  • Piecing: Modern quilts that are pieced and reflect a particularly strong or innovative use of piecing.
  • Modern traditionalism: Modern quilts in which the design incorporates the use of an identifiable traditional block pattern and redesigns it by applying modern design elements such as alternate grid work, asymmetry, color, scale, etc.
  • "No Excuses" Challenge: Modern quilts and quilted items that were created for our 2019 "No Excuses" Challenge (use at least one square from Denyse Schmidt's Modern Solids charm pack to create a quilted item).
  • Rainbow Block of the Month: Modern quilts that were created during our 2018 Rainbow BOM.
  • Miscellaneous: Modern quilted clothing, bags, and other 3D items.
--Qualification requirements:
  1. Only quilts/items by current, dues-paying members of the STLMQG will be considered.
  2. All quilts entered in the show must be pieced by a guild member. Quilts may be quilted by another person (including non-members).
  3. For registration purposes, you may enter a completed quilt top if you can confirm that the entire quilt will be finished in time to turn it in by the June 30th deadline. Please do not enter an unfinished top if you are not certain you’ll be able to finish it in time.
  4. Entrants may enter a maximum of 3 quilts/items per category and 12 quilts/items total. Quilts/items may not all be accepted into the show, depending on space availability.
  5. All entrants must fill out a registration form and provide a photo for each entry.
  6. All entrants must sign a Release of Liability Agreement for each entry.
  7. Entries shall be accepted into the show at the discretion of the STLMQG Quilt Show Committee and Board. Remember to keep it modern!
  8. The STLMQG Quilt Show Committee and Board retain the right to change the category to which a quilt is submitted if they think the quilt belongs in a different category or needs to be moved for space reasons.
  9. All quilts/items must remain on display for the entire duration of the STLMQG quilt show.
  10. Quilts should have been made within the last five years and should not have been displayed at the guild's 2017 quilt show.
  11. All quilts measuring 40" or wider will be required to have a sleeve sewn to the top of the quilt back. You can find a tutorial here.
  12. All quilts/items should be submitted in a plastic bag, preferably with a handle. The bag should be labeled with the member's name, the name of the quilt, and the quilt category. These types of large plastic storage bags (like large, sturdy, handled Ziploc bags) can be purchased at the dollar store. You may provide your own bag, or we will have these bags available for purchase at the May meeting for $1 each (cash only).
  13. There is no requirement for you to include a label on your quilts, but it is encouraged as a best practice. It’s always a good idea to make sure your quilt includes a label with at least your name.
  14. This year, members will be given the option of offering their quilts/items for sale, if they so choose. If they wish to do so, we will include their contact information on their quilt’s signage, and interested parties can contact them directly to arrange the sale. Members will be responsible for all parts of the sale.
  15. ALL guild members are STRONGLY encouraged to volunteer for two 2.5-hour shifts during the show (this will include hanging quilts/set-up on Friday, staffing the show on Saturday and Sunday, and taking quilts down on Sunday). We will coordinate this as we get closer to the show.
  16. All guild members will be responsible for taking their own quilts home on Sunday after the show. If you will not be able to take your quilt home on Sunday, you will need to authorize someone to collect your quilt for you. We will collect these names as the show gets closer.


We presented our first quilt show, THIS IS MODERN,

on July 15-16, 2017

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