Sunday, February 9, 2014

Meeting Recap (February 8th, 2014)

WOW was definitely the word for yesterday, and for several good reasons.  Let's start the recap, shall we.

  • WOW #1  : Lynne, VP and Charity Committee Co-Chair, gave a brief breakdown of our Pillow-Bomb project. We have now collected over 700 pillow-covers.  Additionally, thanks to a handful of donations from members and company-match programs; we were able to purchase 250 pillow-forms; bringing us closer to our goal.  As discussed during the meeting, we will be polling our membership to see how much $ our guild would like to spend to purchase additional pillow-forms.  Stay tuned for more information and to see how the Valentine's Day drop-off proceeds.

  • WOW #2  : The big Riley Blake Challenge reveal was Ah-Mazing!  Not only were there so many wonderful quilts; but such creativity and precision too.  Some people have begun posting photos of their quilt on Facebook, and if you missed out, head over there.  If you would like an entry into The MQG contest, please note the details in your latest MQG newsletter; which have also been abbreviated below.
          • Take a nice photo of your quilt
          • Visit The MQG Community site, and upload a photo to the forum...specifically the Forum Topic titled Finished Riley Blake Challenge Photos.
          • Deadline to participate is February 17th.

  • WOW #3  : Literally WOW; which stands for War on WIP.  We chatted a bit about our WIP, learning that our reasons for pushing them aside are quite familiar including losing interest in that project, not having the skill/equipment to finish, actually forgetting you started it in the first place, etc.  We then got down to business and started filling out our WOW index cards; which will be available for editing through September.  If you want to know more about this year-long activity, visit our WOW page ====> here...and don't forget #stlmqgwow if you are on Instagram.

Here are some things that you may want to know about:
  • Janie Lou is having another small Sew-In on Friday, February 21st and Friday, March 21st.  The cost is $5 and you can sign-up by visiting their shop.
  • The Mustard Seed Theatre is doing a play about some of the Gee's Bend community. Visit their website to learn more.
  • The bi-annually Bits & Pieces Quilt Show Fanfare of Quilts 2014 is Saturday, March 15th and Sunday, March 16th at Queeny Park.  You'll see over 350 quilts, and have the opportunity to shop from several vendors.  Visit their website to learn more ===>
  • O, Sewpersonal in O'Fallon Missouri is now open.  Visit their Facebook page to learn more. 

The dates for our Quarterly Sew-In Saturdays are as follows; and will remain tentative until a new venue has been secured.  Please bear with us during this transition.
  • March 15th
  • May 3rd
  • August 23rd
  • October 4th
Additionally, this year's first Webster Groves Sew-In will take place on Saturday, February 22nd.  Look for more information from Kelly, our Secretary.  

Thank you for another wonderful meeting. 
We will see you again soon!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Meeting #42 - February 8th, 2014

Hello Modern Quilters,

Are you asking the same question we are...How is it February already?  Well don't look now; but it's nearly meeting time too.  We hope to see you all there.

Date: February 8th 2014
Time: 10am - 12:30pm 
Location: The Heights


-Welcome & Guild Business
   :: Membership #s
   :: Financial Information
   :: Special Announcements/Quilting News
-Charity Committee Update
-Riley Blake Challenge Reveal
-WOW (War on WIP) Kick-Off  
-Show & Tell
-Mix & Mingle

***It is time to show us your Riley Blake Challenge quilts.  We've enjoyed seeing the sneak-peeks, and cannot wait for the big reveal, so don't forget to bring them with you. 

***Have any last minute pillow-covers you've been working on, or 14" pillow-forms you forgot to drop off last month?  This is your last chance to donate those items for our Charity project.

 ***Please bring your Show & Tell projects, fabric, books, etc.  Let's limit this to no more then 3 pieces/items a member please.  

***We are kicking off our WOW event this month, so be thinking of what WIP you want to add to your index card.  Don't know what WOW stands for?  Read this post.  Are you a Blogger?  Why don't you write a post about your WIP.  Are you on Instagram? Share a WIP  photo with us...remember to use #stlmqgwow

***Finally, please be sure to check your email, Facebook and/or this blog before you head out on Saturday morning...should there be any updates or cancellations due to possible inclement weather.

See You Saturday!!