Saturday, January 23, 2016

Meeting Recap (January 9th, 2016)

January's meeting was a quiet beginning to an exciting year that is to come.  If you were not in attendance or want a closer look at any of the info that we discussed, here is a recap.

  • Members signed up for committees and emails have gone out to those who were interested. We look forward to what the Charity Committee and Member's Swap/Challenge Committee put together for us this year.
  • We announced a monthly Member Trunk Show starting in February, giving members an opportunity to share more then they would at a typical Show & Tell. Angie Henderson (@a.sewcrazy) will be starting us off in style in just a few weeks.  
  • Thanks to a donation by Lucky Spool, the STLMQG library has been created.  Monica, our guild VP, will be running our library, so if you have any questions or want to check out a book, be sure to ask her at our next meeting.
  • As January is the customary month to make resolutions, we thought it would be fun to ask our member's to create Crafty Resolutions.  It could be anything related to quilting, sewing, embroidery, knitting, crochet, so on and so forth.  We just asked that it be measurable, so something like "reading more crafty books" would not suffice...but "reading 5 more crafty books" was acceptable.  We collected the index cards and will break them back out in December of this year to see how well we all did.  
  • Did you know that we have STLMQG logo items?  Check out our STLMQG shop to pick up a totebag, t-shirt, mug, etc. 
  • The Officers have several educational, challenging and fun things planned for this year and will begin announcing some of them during our February meeting.
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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Meeting #61 - January 9th, 2016

Hello Modern Quilters,

Now that the holidays are over, and you are getting back in the swing of things, we want to welcome you to the start of another great year with the St. Louis MQG.  Let's see those things you have been working on over the break, and let's discuss what you AND we have planned for 2016.

Date: January 9th, 2016
Time: 10am - 12:30pm 
Location: The Heights


-Welcome & Guild Business
   :: Membership Information
   :: Financial Information
   :: Special Announcements/Quilting News

-Committee Sign-Up 
   :: Member's Swap/Challenge Committee
   :: Charity Committee
-Quilting Library (c/o Lucky Spool)
-Member Trunk Show Sign-Ups *See below*
-Quilting Resolutions
-2016 Activities
-Show & Tell
-Mix & Mingle

-------------------------- FYI ------------------------------

::  Let's see what fun modern quilty things you received (fabrics, books, notion you've been eyeing) or what items you made during the holiday break.  Please limit this to 3 items per member.  Additionally, in an effort to ensure we have time for everyone, please make sure that you give us the abbreviated 2 min story not a dissertation :-)

:: The Freebie Table  is changing this year. Starting this January, whatever you bring that is left over at the end of the meeting, you must take back with you, or dispose of accordingly (throw it out, donate to Goodwill, etc).  We will no longer be collecting and bringing back the leftover items month to month.  Also, please be respectful of your fellow members and don't bring "junk" to begin with, this is an opportunity to part with things that you no longer love; but think other members might want.

:: We are looking for 9 STLMQG members to participate in a new monthly program called "Member Trunk-Show".  The key is that you MUST actually make modern quilts/projects, since we are after all a modern quilt guild whose motto is "All Modern All The Time".  This program will give 9 members the opportunity to share a little bit more about themselves, show more of their work then is allowed during Show & Tell, as well as what future projects they are working on, etc.  Obviously, if you are a pattern designer or long-arm quilter who also makes quilts yourself, you can mention your business; but this is NOT a sales pitch.  To qualify, you must have been a member of the STLMQG for at least 1 full year and have a clear understanding of what modern quilting is.  Sign-ups will occur during the meeting, don't be shy.

See You Saturday!!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Meeting Recap (December 12th, 2015)

Saturday's meeting, our last of 2015, was filled with lots of information and opportunities, here are some things you may have missed, or want to review further.

  • Interested in participating in The MQG's Fabric Challenge "Sashing Stash" beginning in early 2016?  The registration email will be sent by The MQG on December 19th, 9am central. As always there are more members then they have available fabric to give away; but that doesn't mean that if you miss the "free fabric" you can't participate, as this fabric is available at several shops, so check in with them to see if they will carry it.  All of the rules and registration details can be found at this link : Get Ready for the Riley Blake Fabric Challenge Spring 2016!

  • Another opportunity that is available to all modern quilters, or those looking to work on their modern techniques is Lucky Spool's Mighty Lucky Quilting Club. This subscription based club focuses on challenging you with design concepts in the quilt making process.  The challenges will go out each month via email, and participants are encouraged to share their progress on social media using the hashtag #mightylucky . To check out the top-notch Quilters who will be leading these monthly challenges and to learn more about the club, check out this site : Mighty Lucky Quilting Club. For our STLMQG members, be sure to check your email about a potential savings on the yearly subscription price.

  •  We played a quick game of "Yes/No" to see how our members stacked up against one another when it came to answering simple questions like : 
    • I have been known to keep scraps smaller then 2" x 2"
    • I am part of a quilting bee
    • I have brought travelling projects to meetings, kid's events, on vacation
    • Etc.
  • Our main event, our annual Fundraiser, drew lots of excitement as our members took a chance at taking home lots of goodies including patterns, fabric bundles, notions, books, and even gift certificates.  Rene, our Treasurer, is still tallying what we brought in; but first estimations show that it was a profitable day; which will go a long way towards our events and activities in the coming year. To see some of the items that our members won, be sure to check out the hashtag #stlmqg on Instagram.  Thanks again to all those who donated items, as this annual event could not happen without you.

On behalf of the Officers...
Thank You, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Meeting #60 - December 12th, 2015

Hello Modern Quilters,

This month we would like to reflect on the year, celebrate all of the good times we have had, the new friends we have made, and new quilting challenges we have taken on.  We hope that you will join us as we close out 2015 with our annual fundraiser; which is sure to be a blast.

Date: December 12th, 2015
Time: 10am - 12:30pm 
Location: The Heights


-Welcome & Guild Business
   :: Membership Information
   :: Financial Information
   :: Special Announcements/Quilting News

-Officer Introduction
-I Have Game
-Collect remaining items for Fundraiser
---Break to Setup Room----Pay 2016 Dues
-Fundraiser Event
-Show & Tell
-Mix & Mingle

-------------------------- FYI ------------------------------

::  Please, please, please do not forget your dues!! They are $40 and can be paid by cash or check (made out to the STLMQG).  All dues must be paid by this meeting, so that we can get final numbers into The MQG.

:: Are you new to our guild and haven't had the pleasure of participating in our annual Fundraiser...check out this link from 2013; which breaks it all down for you.  Want to participate, don't forget cash or your checkbook, and a pen/marker; which makes ticket writing easier on you.  For those who donated items, you'll be given your tickets during the break.

:: Don't forget your modern Show & Tell projects, fabrics, books, etc.  Let's be inspired!

See You Saturday!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sew Me St. Louis 2015

Sew Me St. Louis logo
On October 24th and 25th, approximately 45 of our members gathered to sew, laugh and play together.  As you can see from the photos; which were uploaded to Instagram using the #sewmestl, it was a blast.

Things started quietly; but then kicked into high gear thanks to our wonderful Workshop Teachers...Heather, Jan and Kristy.

Sew Me St. Louis 2015
Photo c/o @stlmqg
(Heather was teaching applique)

Sew Me St. Louis 2015
Photo c/o @moonlightsewing
(Jan was teaching several blocks from her book, Cut and Shuffle Quilts)

There was of course lots of other sewing going on in the main ballroom...

Sew Me St. Louis 2015
Photo c/o @ldpatterson

And of course there were door prizes...

Sew Me St. Louis 2015
Photo c/o @quiltamomma

Saying Thank You isn't enough considering how generous the following companies were; but they all wanted to be a part of our retreat in some way and we could not be more humbled by their donations.  

We encourage you to send them a shout-out on social media, drop them an email, and of course consider shopping with them during this holiday season.   

There are of course others to Thank...including our Officers for ensuring things went smoothly, as well as Carolyn and Tess from our Events Committee who took the reigns and collected all of the donations, and the handful of members (you know who you are) who donated items and/or volunteered their time.  

We certainly plan on doing this again next October, so stay tuned for info coming in the first quarter of 2016.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Meeting Recap (November 14th, 2015)

As always, thanks to everyone who came to our meeting this past Saturday, it was nice to finally catch up with so many of you who we haven't seen for a while.  Now onto the recap...

  • It's not too late to submit a quilt to QuiltCon's juried quilt show, check out the rules and how to enter here [Quilt Show/QuiltCon West].  The due date is Nov. 30th.
  • As we approach the close of 2015, many start planning for 2016, and what better way to write down those plans then in your Quilter's Planner.  Stephanie Palmer is the creator of this tool; which you can learn more about and purchase on her crowd-sourcing campaign page.
  • There is lots of local quilt shop news...both happy and sad, here are the details:
    • MerrilyWeSew is moving into its new home in Fenton and should be open the first week of December.
    • JanieLou has moved into its new home in downtown Kirkwood and is open for business.
    • SewMuchFun is a new shop in Collinsville, Illinois, check out their site for more information.
    • InStitches located in Ballwin is closing it's doors.
  • Are you a Maker, Supplier, Designer or Pro-Blogger; have you heard of the Craft Industry Alliance?  It's a new kind of trade organization which you may want to investigate, as they are out to help you strengthen your business.  
  • Quilt National 2015 is in St. Louis for a short time this November. If you are interested in checking out this travelling quilt show which runs Nov 19th-28th check out this link for more info. 
  • Looking for inspiration?  You don't have to look far as the St. Louis Art Museum has an exhibit called "St. Louis Modern" which runs now through January 21st.  Check out this link for more info.
  • What did we learn from the Member's Swap/Challenge Committee Tool Swap that Casey led this past meeting?  That everyone loves Wonder Clips and that there is no shortage of interesting notions out there.  Thanks to the committee for putting this fun swap together.
  • A big thank you also goes out to all of the members who donated quilts for our Project Linus charitable collection.  Look at this lovely stack of 65 quilts (photographed by Jessica Schunke).

  • Speaking of Jessica, we are thrilled to announce that she will be joining the Officers next year in the role of Secretary.  YAY!!
  • If you haven't yet paid your 2016 guild dues, it's not too late.  You can pay at the December meeting or if you are a current member you can mail it in (check your inbox for info on how to do that).
  • Finally, thank you to everyone who donated items to our December Fundraiser.  We haven't started sorting them; but we took a peek and there are lots of great items, just you wait.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Meeting #59 - November 14th, 2015

Hello Modern Quilters,

We are looking forward to getting back into the swing of our monthly meetings, now that our Fall Events have come to a close.  There is a lot to get to in these last two months, so be sure to check out the agenda below to be sure that you are prepared for what is to come. 

Date: November 14th, 2015
Time: 10am - 12:30pm 
Location: The Heights


-Welcome & Guild Business
   :: Membership Information
   :: Financial Information
   :: Special Announcements/Quilting News

-Charity Project Update : Collect quilts for Project Linus
-Election / Officer Update
-Member's Swap/Challenge Committee: Tool Swap
-Collect items for December's Fundraiser
-Pay 2016 Dues-Show & Tell
-Mix & Mingle

-------------------------- FYI ------------------------------

:: We know that you've been working on lots of modern things as we've seen the start of them in Elizabeth Hartman's workshop, and lots more during SewMeSTL.  Please consider bringing them to a meeting this Fall/Winter, so we can ooh and aah in person. 

:: Our Charity Projects are coming to a close.  Do you have a quilt to donate to Project Linus?  This Saturday is the last day we will be collecting them. Don't forget Casey's announcement that all those who donate a quilt to us in November or have donated a quilt as part of this project to us earlier in the year will be entered into a drawing for a prize (1 quilt donation = 1 entry, 2 quilt donations = 2 on and so forth).

:: Have you forgotten about the Tool Swap? Remember to pick up a new tool/notion with a retail value between $10-20 (or combination of items reaching that total). For those who participate we will be doing a round-robin style swap.

:: It's time to start thinking about next year's dues.  Remember they are $40 and can be paid by cash or check (made out to the STLMQG).  All dues must be paid by the December meeting, so that we can get final numbers into The MQG.

:: Finally, who can forget our upcoming December Fundraiser.  Please remember to bring items this Saturday, and come December we will all have the chance to take some goodies home.  Need more details on how this works, check out this link from 2013; which breaks it all down.  Just remember, this is NOT the time to bring in items suited for the free table or the trash bin.  We are looking for top quality donations that you would be proud to share with the guild.

See You Saturday!!