Monday, December 31, 2012

Meeting #29 - January 5th, 2013

Hello Modern Quilters,
Happy New Year!!!
Did you forget that our January meeting is this coming Saturday, the 5th.  This is due to a scheduling conflict at The Heights and was announced at December's meeting.  We'll be back to normal 2nd Saturday meetings for the rest of the year (except October).  Hope to see you all! 

New to our group, Welcome! Bring a friend, the more the merrier.

Date: January 5th, 2013
Time: 10am - 12:30pm
Location: The Heights


-Welcome & Guild Business
   :: Membership #s for 2012/2013
   :: Financial Information
   :: Special Announcements/Quilting News
-Madrona Road Challenge ongoing
-Open discussion of activities/events for 2013
-Dues for 2013
-Show & Tell
-Next Meeting Date (February 9th)
-Remaining Questions/Comments
-Mix & Mingle

***Have you made your nametag yet?  Have you been wearing it to the meetings?  Let's not forget that a nametag enters you into the DoorPrize drawing.

***We'll be collecting 2013 dues if you didn't pay them last month.  Yearly dues are $30, checks payable to the STLMQG are accepted as is cash of course. 

***Don't forget for those participating in the Madrona Road Challenge, your finished project is due at February's meeting.  Need the rules, you can find them here.

***Please bring your activity, demo and event ideas with you, as we will be having an open discussion of what you would like to learn in 2013. 

***Been busy sewing over the Holidays, or received some great modern fabric or books?  Why don't you show us what modern things you have been making or received during Show & Tell. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Meeting Recap (December 8th, 2012)

We hope everyone enjoyed the meeting activities yesterday as you helped us send off 2012 with a Bang!  Here's a brief recap of the activities and things you may have missed or want to know more about.

  • Our membership numbers ended with approx. 85 members for 2012.  We hope to see all of you next year and don't forget, if you didn't pay your dues for 2013, you will have another opportunity in January.
  • 20 Members elected to participate in the Madrona Road Challenge.  They were each provided with 7 Fat Eighths, prints as seen in the photo below.  Challenge rules can be found here, and don't forget about our Madrona Road discussion thread on Flickr too.

  • We want to Thank everyone who donated items and bought tickets for our Raffle.  It was another big success and the $$ we raised will help us with Speaker/Workshop fees, Retreat Reservation costs, and of course paying for our space at The Heights. 

  • Drea, our new Charity Committee Chairperson, showed us the QuiltCon blocks that our guild received as part of the MQG's first large-scale charitable project.  We will be making a quilt; which will be donated to the Austin Children's Shelter.  You can read more about this project here.
  • Kacey Cowdrey, member of Missouri Fiber Arts and Thimble & Thread, was our guest.  She introduced our members to a few of the projects she is involved in and spoke with a few members following Show & Tell, about their work being included in Thimble & Thread's 2013 Quilt Expo next March.
Finally, one more bit of very important news that you'll definately want to mark in big letters on your 2013 calendar.  Due to two scheduling conflicts at The Heights, our January and October meeting will be held the first Saturday of the month (January 5th, October 5th), not the second.  We'll send out a reminder email, post it on Facebook, here on our blog, etc. 
Thanks to all of our members for another great year, you are what makes this guild great.
  We have our sights set high for 2013 as we look at bringing in a national speaker, participating in workshops, offering interactive and educational programs, and as always having lots of fun.
Have a Safe and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Meeting #28 - December 8th, 2012

Hello Modern Quilters,

We hope that you'll join us this Saturday as we close out 2012 with a Bang.  We'll get our Raffle on with lots of wonderful crafty/quilty items, and celebrate our fellow member's creativity with lots of Show & Tell.

New to our group, Welcome! Bring a friend, the more the merrier.

Date: December 8th, 2012
Time: 10am - 12:30pm
Location: The Heights


-Welcome & Guild Business
:: Membership #s for 2012
:: Financial Information
:: Special Announcements/Quilting News
-Madrona Road Challenge, sponsored by Michael Miller Fabrics & the MQG
-Dues for 2013
-Ticket Raffle
-Extended Show & Tell
-Next Meeting Date (January)
-Remaining Questions/Comments
-Mix & Mingle

***There will NOT be Door Prizes this month as there is so much going on; but we'd still appreciate it if you'd wear your nametag anyway.

***We'll begin collecting 2013 dues this month and in January.  Yearly dues are $30, checks payable to the STLMQG are accepted as is cash of course. 

***The Photography 101 presentation is on hold until 2013, we Thank You for your patience.

***It's Ticket Raffle time, did you see the sneak peek at some of the items up for grabs?  Do you need tickets to participate?  We'll be selling them 3 for $1, and all of the $$ goes right back to the STLMQG...this is a fundraiser after all.  Don't forget that you'll need to write you name on the back of every ticket your receive/ bring a sharpie, pen, etc...or as some people did last year, small return address stickers.

***We encourage our members to participate in this month's Extended Show & Tell, where we encourage you to bring a maximum of 5 items.  As always remember this is a Modern Quilt Guild.  Kacey Cowdrey of Thimble & Thread Quilt Guild will be in attendance looking for items to put in their big bi-annual Quilt Show, Spring of 2013.  As our membership has expanded, this is a great time to bring items that you may have shown earlier in the year too.

***Finally, we'll have a Comment Box ready and waiting for you to offer suggestions on 2013 activities, things you love, things you think could work differently, etc, etc. 
Happy Holidays!!!
From your STLMQG Officers

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ticket Raffle 2012

Happy December 1st, everyone! 

As many of you may remember, this month's meeting is jam-packed with lots of events and festivities.  The agenda will be out on Tuesday, so make sure that you check back in with us.

One of the many highlights this month will be our Ticket Raffle; which was a bounding success last this year is Ticket Raffle, the sequel :-)

A big Thank You to all of our members who donated items this year, there are way too many to share here on our blog; but we picked just a few to wet your appetite.

The rules are pretty simple, if you donated items at November's meeting, you will be receiving tickets which you can use towards a chance at winning some wonderful items.  If you didn't donate, or want to buy tickets (this is a guild fundraiser afterall); tickets will be available for purchase at the meeting 3 for $1.  So don't forget your wallet, cash and checks will be accepted.

Here's a quick sneak peek at some of the items up for grabs:

And this isn't even the half of it.  We have lots more fabric, a finished quilt, patterns, sewing notions, restaurant gift certificate and wine, etc, etc, etc.
Finally, there is one item which we will NOT be accepting tickets for; but rather holding a silent auction instead.  Due to it's size, the below foldable sewing cabinet will not be at the meeting; so if you are interested in this item please make sure that you check the dimensions that are provided below.  The current owner will make arrangements with the winner and gladly drop off this cabinet, so if you have a small vehicle, it won't be a problem.  Talk about a deal!

Opening for machine : 19 1/4" x 10 1/2"
Cabinet when open (as shown in left photo): 51" Length x 34 3/4" Width x 30" High
Cabinet when closed (as shown in right photo): 24" Length x 34 3/4" Width x 30" High

If you have specific questions about the cabinet, drop us a line and we'll forward the questions onto the current owner.
Are you excited yet?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Meeting Recap (November 10th, 2012)

Thanks to everyone who came out and attended out meeting yesterday, it was nice seeing your smiling faces.

Here's a recap of things that you may have missed, want to know more about:
  • QuiltCon Quilt Show submissions are due Nov. 30th.  Here's the link for more information.
  • Our guild is signed up for the Madrona Road MQG Challenge, as soon as more is known, I'll forward this onto all of our membership
  • Thanks to Tess, for forwarding along the Quilt Relief that is happening right now for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  If you'd like to learn how you can participate in this massive relief effort, check out this link.
  • Thanks to our two Secretary candidates for their lovely introductions, and inviting commentary.  The ballots were handed out, counted and our new Secretary was announced.  Here is your STLMQG Leadership/Committee Chairpersons look for 2013
  • Sign-ups for the Charity Committee and Member's Swap/Challenge Committee were made available and it looks like we'll have another great group.  If you were unable to attend the meeting and have interest in one or both of these committees, December will be your last opportunity to sign-up.
  • Cindy Lammon will be giving her Photography 101 presentation in December; but discussed that has offered a generous discount to STLMQG members who have interest in their online photography class; which Cindy mentioned she had taken herself.   
  • Another big Thanks goes out to those members who generously donated items to the Ticket Raffle which will be held next month.  Keep an eye here on our blog for some photos of a handful of items up for grabs.  Remember tickets will be sold 3 for $1.
  • Show & Tell was another great success and we are always delighted to see the variety of modern items that are shown, including lovely bags, new quilt designs and over the top inspiration.  Keep up the good work.

Since we won't be seeing you before next week,
the STLMQG wishes you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Meeting #27 - November 10th, 2012

Hello Modern Quilters,

This Saturday is going to be loads of fun as we learn a little about Photography, take a vote in the Election and collect items for our Ticket Raffle.  Also, don't forget Show & Tell.

New to our group, Welcome! Bring a friend, the more the merrier.

Date: November 10th, 2012
Time: 10am - 12:30pm
Location: The Heights


-Welcome & Guild Business
    :: Membership #s for 2012
    :: Financial Information
    :: Special Announcements/Quilting News
-Photography 101 Presentation by Cindy Lammon
-Ticket Raffle Donation Collection
-Election Results
-Show & Tell
-Next Meeting Date (December 8th)
     :: Ticket Raffle
     :: Show & Tell Extended Edition
-Remaining Questions/Comments
-Mix & Mingle

***Don't forget your modern quilty nametag, otherwise you won't be eligible for Door Prizes***

***It's Election time.  Those due-paying members in attendance this Saturday will be given a ballot for voting.  Election results will be provided at the end of the meeting.

***This is the month that we will be collecting ALL of the Ticket Raffle items for our event in December.  The event is not only a great fundraiser for our guild; but a way to try your hand at taking home some great items.  You don't have to donate to play either, as we will be selling tickets 3 for $1 at the December meeting.  If you are donating, your donation will be calculated based on the total "retail value" of the entire donation...not each individual item.

Check out the categories below to see how many tickets you will receive:

$10 or less = 5 Tickets
$11 - $30 you receive 10 Tickets
$31 - $50 you receive 15 Tickets
$51 and up = 20 tickets
What sort of items are we looking for? 
  • Quilt shop quality modern fabric (Charm Packs, FQs, Large bag of scraps)
  • Quilt Patterns/Books
  • Crafty supplies (Crochet Hooks, Knitting Needles, Perle Cotton, Clear Rulers, Yarn-Not Acrylic, etc)
  • Misc (Handmade Totebags/Handbags, Yankee Candles, Restaurant/Shop Gift Certificates, etc)
The above are just a few suggestions to get your wheels turning.  While all donated items do not need to be quilting/sewing related; they should be things that you are confident your fellow STLMQG member would be excited to win.  While items can be new or gently used, please keep the following in mind.

Please, Please, Please note that this IS NOT a way for you to clean out your closet, basement, garage of "trash".  While one man's trash may be another man's treasure...don't let that be your motto.  If it belongs on the Freebie Table, it doesn't belong in our Ticket Raffle. 

Finally, when it comes to fabric donations, please make sure that it is quilt-shop quality and of the basic (solids-Kona, Moda, FreeSpirit, etc) or Modern style.  While we know that our membership is comprised of quilters/sewists who like a variety of quilting styles (Traditional, Art, Contemporary, Modern, etc)...this is after all the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild :-)

The above is not meant to put a damper on the fun; but rather to make sure that our membership is presented with a ton of great items to choose from in December. 

***Also, don't forget that we love to see what modern-quilting related projects you've been working on, bring up to 3 items for Show & Tell and let's inspire one another ***

Monday, October 15, 2012

Meeting Recap (October 13th, 2012)

Does anyone else still have warm fuzzy feelings from Saturday?  Can you believe that we collected a total of 29 quilts as part of our drive in collaboration with 100 Quilts for Kids

Saying Thank you!!!! certainly isn't enough...your generosity is most welcomed.  Thank You to everyone who donated, your gifts will certainly make a difference in someone's life...please know that.

Now onto some additional items that were discussed during Saturday's meeting.

  • QuiltCon Quilt Show submissions are due November 30th...don't forget.  To learn more, check out the links here, here and here.
  • We'll have our first elections during the November meeting.  Those candidates who are running will have an opportunity to introduce themselves and talk to the membership for a little while before the polls open.  Then all attending, due-paying members will be issued a ballot for which they must vote for the candidate they chose.  Once all ballots have been collected and tallied; we'll announce all positions for the 2013 year.
  • Don't forget that if you are interested in being more involved in the STLMQG, we have two great opportunities for you.  Sign-ups will take place during the November meeting and for anyone who will not be in attendence and would like to be on one of the committees, please drop us a line.
          • Member's Swap/Challenge Committee
          • Charity Committee
  • Our STLMQG Handmade Holidays event is now underway.  We need your help sharing the fun and exciting tutorials that you have tried and love.  Head on over to this post to learn how you can participate.
  • We will be hosting our 2nd annual Ticket Raffle this December and we can't do it without you.  Your donations will not only help our guild raise some $$; but will also be much appreciated by your fellow guild members as we all have the opportunity to win what you bring in.  Here's the breakdown of how donations will be accepted:
          • $10 or less = 5 tickets
          • $11 - 30 = 10 tickets
          • $31 - 50 = 15 tickets
          • $51 and up = 20 tickets

Thanks to everyone who brought in Show & Tell, it's always such a
treat to see what our members are working on.

For anyone who is relatively new to Modern Quilting and would like to know more about what can be classified as a modern quilt, please check out the MQG series "100 Days of Modern Quilting"'s a visual experience you won't want to miss.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meeting #26 - October 13th, 2012

Hello Modern Quilters,

We hope you are looking forward to what is sure to be another great meeting this Saturday, it will definately be filled with lots of Quilty don't miss it.

New to our group, Welcome! Bring a friend, the more the merrier.

Date: October 13th, 2012
Time: 10am - 12:30pm
Location: The Heights


-Welcome & Guild Business
   :: Membership #s for 2012
   :: Financial Information
   :: Special Announcements/Quilting News
-Election Information
-100 Quilts for Kids Collection and Show & Tell
-STLMQG Handmade Holidays
-Ticket Raffle Announcement
-Show & Tell
-Remaining Questions/Comments
-Mix & Mingle

***If you are participating in the 100 Quilts for Kids event, remember all quilts are due this month. We'd love to see what you've been working on, or what quilt from your stash you are donating...don't be shy, bring it in and show it off.  Also don't forget that for every quilt you donate, you are eligible for prizes; but you MUST review the rules found here on this post prior to Saturday's event***

***Remember our STLMQG Handmade Holidays event.  Let's share the inspiration...Check out this post for more information. ***

***Don't forget your modern quilty nametag, otherwise you won't be eligible for Door Prizes***

***Also, don't forget that we love to see what modern-quilting related projects you've been working on, bring up to 3 items for Show & Tell and let's inspire one another ***

Friday, September 21, 2012

STLMQG Handmade Holidays

Ahhh...nothing like talking about the Holidays on the last day of Summer, eh?
We thought we’d get a jump-start and we need Y-O-U.  The “STLMQG Handmade
Holidays” series is a multi-faceted event eventually becoming a great resource
for our members throughout the year.
Many of you make gifts and swap handmade items throughout the year using tutorials you find online.  You’ve likely bookmarked or “pinned” these tutorials. We want to know about them and share the wealth of knowledge on our Pinterest board.
What to pin:
  • The tutorial must be available for free online and you must have actually made and enjoyed the tutorial before. Just because this is a “Handmade Holidays” series, doesn’t mean we are looking for Holiday-related tutorials only although some could be. This is an opportunity to share your favorite tutorials which would make great gifts…so pouches, ornaments, potholders, toys, etc.

What to do:

  • Follow our STLMQG Handmade Holiday board on Pinterest.

  • Start pinning your favorite tutorials (following the instructions above). Include the tag #STLMQGHandmadeHolidays in the pin comment field...this way we know that you want us to see the pin.

  • Bring to the October meeting, a handful of items (limit 5) with you that you have made using any of the tutorials you have pinned. We’ll have a little Show & Tell so people can see the items up close and personal, ask questions, maybe learn a shortcut or two. There’s sure to be some duplication, as some tutorials are very popular, and that’s okay because we all have different experiences with the same pattern.

Now, get pinning and don’t forget to use the tag #STLMQGHandmadeHolidays
Also, don't forget about our participation in the 100 Quilts for Kids event.  The quilts
are due at our October Meeting.  Remember, there are prizes; but you must be "registered".

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Meeting Recap (September 8th, 2012)

We were greeted with wonderful weather as our members packed the meeting room earlier today.  If you missed anything that was discussed, or are looking for further information, check out the recap below.

  • We welcomed 11 new members to the guild today (WOW!) and could not be more excited to see what quilty stuff you all create.
  • Some quilting news and special announcements were discussed:
    • Our final Sew-In Saturday of the year is September 29th from 9am-9pm.  Sign-Up information will be provided to due-paying members this evening and we encourage you to sign-up quickly as space is limited.
    • Saturday, September 22nd - Patty Young will be at Fabric Nosherie to help celebrate their 1st anniversary and to sign copies of her new book.  To learn more, please checkout Fabric Nosherie's homepage.
    • Webster Groves' Art on the Town is happening October 13th from 1pm-3pm.  We are looking for 2 STLMQG modern quilters to participate in this event.  To learn more, please contact the

  • Our collaboration with 100 Quilts for Kids is a great way to spread a little love and joy to those who need it locally.  To learn how to participate, please visit this post
Swim, Bike, Quilt
  • It's the start of our Election season and we have some great opportunities for you to participate.  Whether, you'd like to be an Elected Officer (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary) or participate in one of our committees, there's a position fit for you.  To get a general sense of the responsibilities and opportunities, please visit this link.  Remember if you'd like to nominate someone for a position, run for a position yourself or participate in one of the committees, you need to contact Jamie Mueller no later then Sept. 30th.  She's on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, or you can visit her blog.
  • Our Modern Quilting Trivia was a big success and we hope that you had fun participating in this inaugural event.  This is definately a to-do for next year :-) and don't feel bad if you didn't know the answers to every question...this was a challenge for alot of us.
  • Finally, Show & Tell was another winner with alot of participation and inspiration.  Thank you to everyone who showed what they were working on, we'd love it if you would upload photos to Flickr so all of our members can see your creations.

Just a quick reminder, if you ever have any questions or suggestions, just drop us an email.
If you are a social media junkie like we are, make sure you check us out. 
It's a great way to stay connected, get feedback, share your work, etc.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meeting #25 - September 8th, 2012

Hello Modern Quilters,

A little modern quilting trivia + A little Show & Tell = A Lot of fun.  Don't miss out on this fun event and get inspired by your fellow quilter. 

New to our group, Welcome! Bring a friend, the more the merrier.

Date: September 8th, 2012
Time: 10am - 12:30pm
Location: The Heights


-Welcome & Guild Business
   :: Membership #s for 2012
   :: Financial Information
   :: Special Announcements/Quilting News
-Election Information
   :: Positions Available, Election Process, Etc.
-Modern Quilting Trivia
-Fall Charitable Project Reminder
-Show & Tell
-Next Meeting Date (October 13th) & Next Month's Activities
   :: 100 Quilts for Kids (Quilts are due if you want us to donate them)
   :: Holiday Handmade Tutorials
   :: Ticket Raffle Announcement
-Remaining Questions/Comments
-Mix & Mingle

***Don't forget your modern quilty nametag, otherwise you won't be eligible for Door Prizes***

***Want to hone your modern quilting knowledge, in prep for trivia?  Be familiar with our STLMQG, the MQG, recent/very popular fabric collections, general all around Blog and Social Media stuff related to modern quilting

***Do you have a project, quilt, piece of handwork that you are working on and haven't brought to Show & Tell yet?  What are you waiting for...we love to see all modern quilting-related items. ***

Monday, August 20, 2012

100 Quilts for Kids

Swim, Bike, Quilt

Hello STLMQG members!

We announced our latest charity drive at Saturday's meeting, but wanted to be sure to re-cap all the important details for you here on the ol' blog.  We've asked Katie, who organizes the 100 Quilts for Kids online drive, if we can promote her efforts and throw a little extra incentives out to our members for participating.

Step One
Make a quilt to donate, or pick one from that pile you have in the corner over there.
If you are feeling extra generous, pick two or three!  There is no limit!

Step Two
Take a picture of your quilt(s) and blog about them or upload to Flickr.

Step Three
Go to the linky party over at Swim, Bike, Quilt! and add each of your entries (separately) to be eligible for the prizes Katie is offering.
* Please note that Katie's deadline is the 15th of October, but ours is the 13th.*

Step Four
Head back here to this very post and leave a comment with your linky number or numbers to be eligible to win the prizes offered by the STLMQG.

Step Five
Donate your quilts to the charity of your choice.
If you would like the STLMQG to collect and donate your quilt you MUST bring your quilt to the October meeting.  Collected quilts will be donated to Project Linus.
*All sizes are accepted-click on the Project Linus link for more information*

You have from now until October 13th to enter!
Winners will be drawn and announced at the October meeting!

What can you win?
I'm so glad you asked!

A 30 dollar gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop donated by Kristy
2 Jaybird Quilts Patterns and a Lazy Angle Ruler donated by Mary Claire
Layer Cake of Jovial by Basic Grey donated by Cindy
Fabric bundle donated by Bon Bon Atelier


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Meeting Recap (August 11th, 2012)

Our meeting yesterday was filled with some new faces and potential new members (Welcome!), lots of great inspiration thanks to our Inspiration Challenge and Show & Tell...along with a little sneakpeek of things to come in September.  If you missed any of it, here's a quick recap.

  • We discussed the QuiltCon Juried Quilt Show categories and as promised, here are links if you'd like to know more.  Remember, you don't have to be attending QuiltCon to participate.  The Quilt Show registration closes on November 30th.
  • The Member's Swap/Challenge committee led our Inspiration Challenge reveal where we saw a handful of quilts both large and small, and with a variety of Inspiration intrepretations.  If you participated in the challenge, make sure that you upload a photo to our Flickr group, so all of our members can see what you made.
  • Mary Claire announced our Fall Charitable Project in collaboration with Katie's 100 Quilts for Kids campaign.  We'll have a separate blog post up soon with all of the information you need.  In the meantime, note that you have until October 13th to participate and if you need that extra little incentive; there will be a handful of prizes given away.
Swim, Bike, Quilt

  • Our members brought a wide selection of Show & Tell and we were thrilled to see some of our guests participate too. 
  • We discussed our Guild Elections; which takes place in November and announced a few new roles that we hope our members will consider applying for including Fabric Raffle Chair and a full-fledged Charity Committee.
      • Fabric Raffle Chair: They will be given a small stipend to which they must purchase Modern-style fabric (Fat Qtr Bundles, Charm Packs, Jelly Rolls, Misc. cuts, etc) that will be raffled off during each meeting.  All members will have the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for a chance at winning the Fabric brought in that month. 
      • Charity Committee:  We are hoping to get a small committee together that will help the Charity Committee Chair coordinate and execute 2 charitable activities each year.
      • We additionally asked our membership if they had suggestions for additional committees, etc that might be helpful for our guild to consider.  If you have any ideas, please do not hesitate to let us know.  We'll continue to discuss this topic at our September meeting as well; but welcome emails in the interim.
  • Finally, we had a little fun while discussing our September activity; which is sure to be a blast:  Modern Quilting Trivia.  The actual game details are still being worked out; but we tossed out a few questions to get the ball rolling.
      • In what city was the first MQG created?
            • Los Angeles
      • What month was our STLMQG founded? Year?
            • July. 2010
      • If I say Lizzy?
            • House

We hope that you had fun and look forward to seeing you again next month.  In the meantime, make sure you check back here on our Blog, as we'll be giving you additional information about some of the activities mentioned above.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Meeting #24 - August 11th, 2012

Hello Modern Quilters,

Who is ready to share their Inspiration Challenge quilt?  It's been several long months since we started on this journey, don't miss the reveal.

New to our group, Welcome! Bring a friend, the more the merrier.

Date: August 11th, 2012
Time: 10am - 12:30pm
Location: The Heights

-Welcome & Guild Business
    :: Membership #s for 2012
    :: Financial Information
    :: Special Announcements/Quilting News
-Member's Swap/Challenge Committee (Inspiration Challenge Reveal)
-Fall Charitable Project Announcement
-Show & Tell
-Next Meeting Date (September 8th) & Next Month's Activities
    :: Modern Quilting Trivia (How much do you know?)
    :: Election/Committee Information
-Remaining Questions/Comments
-Mix & Mingle

     **Don't forget your nametag, quilty stuff for the freebie table, etc.

     **It's been a while since we did Show & Tell, so don't forget to bring your Modern Quilts and Projects.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Block Challenge & Quilt Show

By now you've certainly heard all the excitement surrounding QuiltCon next February in Austin, TX.  Yet, did you know that you can participate, even if you are unable to attend.

QuiltCon Block Challenge

Due: August 15th, 2012

Challenge:  "Your challenge is to use the colors of the QuiltCon logo to make a quilt block that reflects what modern quilting means to you. We encourage you to stretch yourself and plan an interesting composition that represents your own unique voice." -borrowed from the QuiltCon site

Misc: If you want to check out some of the blocks that have already been submitted, they have created a QuiltCon Block Challenge Flickr page. 


QuiltCon Quilt Show Call for Entries

Registration Opened: August 1st, 2012
Registration Closes: November 30th, 2012

  • Applique
  • Handwork
  • Improvisation
  • Minimalist Design
  • Use of Negative Space
  • Piecing
  • Modern Traditionalism
  • Group/Bee Quilts
  • Quilting Challenge (Modern in Miniature)
  • Fabric Challenge (Maasai Mara)

To learn about the specific info regarding these categories, please visit here and here.

Misc: While it's always nice to be chosen to participate, there are of course prizes totaling thousands of dollars...and who doesn't love that.  To see a full list of prizes, click here.   The official rules and entry form can be found here and it's not too late to start designing something specifically for this.


We definately want to encourage our members to consider submitting something, as we know there is ALOT of talent in our group.  If you have questions, let us know. 
You'll definately be hearing more about QuiltCon as more info is released.  If you don't get the QuiltCon Newsletter, you can sign-up here.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Have you heard?

We talked about a few of these events during the meeting a few weeks ago; but we wanted to make sure that you had all of the info in front of you.
St. Charles Historical Society is hosting "One Hundred Years of Quilt Making" with guest speaker Ann Hazelwood. 
  • When: Saturday July 28th
  • Time: 12pm (Noon)
  • Where:  Stegton Regency Banquet Center  1450 Wall Street, St. Charles MO  63303
  • Fee: $15
  • Questions & Reservations: 636-946-9828
We've been told that there is a cute little quilt shop in Owensville, MO that has modern fabric including Pre-Cuts galore, pearl cotton, embroidery items, etc  Wanna check it's what you need to know
  • Name: In The Niche
  • Site:  In The Niche
  • Address: 106 E. Peters Ave  Owensville, MO  65066

Interested in submitting your quilts into a Quilt about this
Cornucopia of Quilts, sponsored by Scheffel Financial Services, Inc. and Curated by Joan Wentz and Jenice Belling.  Jenice owns the Quilted Garden in Edwardsville, IL. 

  • When: November 2-23rd
  • Where: Edwardsville Arts Center  6165 Center Grove Rd  Edwardsville, IL  62025
  • Submitting:  Our VP, Mary Claire, tells us that if you are interested in submitting your quilt to this juried show, you should sent Jenice an email with photos and quilt information.

Looking for other Quilt Show about QuiltCon.  Make sure you check out the following posts for all the info you need.  Quilt Show Entries open on August 1st and remember you don't have to be attending QuiltCon to participate.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Meeting Recap (July 14th, 2012)

Okay, so was it just us or did you go home and crash after the meeting too? 

It was an exciting whirlwind of activities and hopefully this recap will help you remember some of it.  We know that there was alot of information given out, so make sure that you check out the links where available.

Before we begin, we want to give a big Shout Out and Thank You to Betsy and Emily from Bon Bon Atelier.  They drove all the way from Kansas City so they could share some of their goodies with us.

  • Our next Sew-In Saturday is July 28th from 9am-9pm and is open to all due-paying members.  The cost is 1 FQ of a Modern Fabric.  It's a great opportunity to not only spread out and work on your own projects; but check out what your fellow members are doing.  Plus who doesn't like lots of munchies and laughter.   Check your email later this evening for enrollment information and remember don't delay as attendance is capped at 30.
  • The Sweet Sewfull Event in Brunswick, MO is happening Fri-Sun July 20th-22nd.  To learn more, please visit the website.
  • Fabric Nosherie is hosting a Garage Sale on Saturday, August 18th.  If you'd like to rent a space for $5, please give them a call.  Also, if you'd like to help them with a charity sew-in, head on over to the shop on Friday, August 31st from 5:30-??
  • The long-awaiting QuiltCon Lecture/Workshop schedule was released this past Monday to a flurry of excitement.  If you'd like to learn more about QuiltCon, please visit their website.  Oh, and don't forget, it's not too late to get in on the QuiltCon Block Challenge.  The blocks are due August 15th.

  • After Betsy and Emily from Bon Bon Atelier introduced their shop, our members quickly jumped in line so they could buy the newest fabrics "hot off the UPS truck".  
  • While the shopping extravaganza was going on, our members' enjoyed a bit of cake to celebrate our guild's 2nd anniversary. 
  • Finally, Mary Claire gave a presentation on "White Space in Modern Quilts".  Although whatever you do, don't ask her for a copy ;-)
  • To end the meeting we gave away lots of wonderful goodies (fabric, magazines, books, and even some thread) as a close to our 2nd anniversary.

Finally, as the seconds were ticking away on the clock we wanted to get a group photo as a keepsake of what matters most...Our Members.

Photo courtesy of Lynne


We'll miss you Miss Nancy
Don't forget to stay in touch and let us know how things are going in Arizona.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Meeting #23 - July 14th, 2012

Hello Modern Quilters,

Now that the heatwave is over and we are back to "normal" 90 degree weather, let's make a date to get together Saturday.  It's a jam-packed meeting that you won't want to miss.

New to our group, Welcome! Bring a friend, the more the merrier.

Date: July 14th, 2012
Time: 10am - 12:30pm
Location: The Heights


-Welcome & Guild Business
   :: Membership #s for 2012
   :: Special Announcements/Quilting News
-You Oughta Know "Notions/Gadgets" Monthly
-Member's Swap/Challenge Committee (Inspiration Challenge Questions)
-Bon Bon Atelier Pop Up Shop
-"White Space in Modern Quilts" Presentation
-STLMQG 2nd Anniversary Celebration
    :: Group Photo
-Show & Tell (only if time allows)
-Next Meeting Date (August 11th) & Next Month's Activities
    :: Inspiration Challenge Quilt Reveal
    :: Activity Introduction & Sign Up
-Remaining Questions/Comments
-Mix & Mingle
          **Don't forget to bring $$ with you, as you'll be able to buy lots of goodies from the
Bon Bon Atelier Pop Up Shop**
          **Picture Time...we'll be taking headshots of those members' who want to be included in the Membership Roster (available only to due-paying members)**
          **Don't forget your nametag, stuff for the freebie table, etc**
          **We all love Show & Tell, so feel free to bring 2 items max; but note that if we are running short on time, we will hold off until next month**
Looking forward to seeing you all there!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bon Bon Atelier - Guest Post

Hello St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild!

First of all, thanks so much for inviting us to your meeting next week, we are so excited to visit St. Lou, one of our favorite cities!

In 2005 my sister and I got the bug to open our own store. We had grown up being involved with a retail store and tea room that my mom had opened, so it was kind of ingrained in us. In 2006 we opened bon bon atelier. With my degree and interest in fashion and my sister being a jewelry designer we originally opened the store to showcase locally made accessories, clothing and gift items.

On the side my sister Emily knitted and I sewed. A lot. And we were having a heck of a time finding the fabric and yarn that we wanted in our area. So bon bon dropped it's clothing and accessories and brought in fabric and yarn.

I had worked at Liberty in London some years before and fell in Love with their fabric. They were one of the first lines we brought in. We also added Kokka, Westminster, Free Spirit, Cloud 9 and so on.

In the yarn department Emily has been piling us up with Cascade, Lorna's Laces and Sweet Georgia. And of course we stocked up on patterns and books and notions. We also teach sewing and knitting classes for beginner to advanced levels.

We think it's important to support our local artists and economy so we still carry handmade gift items such as jewelry, bath fizzies and even dishware! We also host a craft fair every summer, the Ric Rac Roundup. It has all Kansas City designers and is a much anticipated event every summer.

We are so happy to find ourselves a fabric and yarn store,  nothing makes us more excited than getting new patterns, prints and colors. We also love the community of crafters that has sprung up around the shop. Knowing that there other people in this world with a project list as long as ours, a stash of fabric as large (or larger) than ours and more tubs of yarn that we have makes us feel a little saner!

We look forward to seeing you next week, and if you are on our website and see a fabric you want us to bring, we are happy to take requests!

Betsy & Emily

Betsy & Emily from Bon Bon Atelier will be hosting a Pop Up Shop
during our meeting Saturday, July 14th.
Please be sure to bring $$ with you if you wish to purchase something.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beat the Heat

With temps over 100 the next few days, what better way to beat the heat then to stay indoors and do some quilting, organizing or even a little Retail Therapy.

  • Need some inspiration?  Have you visited Pinterest lately?
  • Are you on Facebook?  Did you know that Shannon from Fabric Nosherie posts when she gets new fabric in the shop...recent uploads include Riley Blake Chevrons and an adorable coinpurse pattern.
  • Or maybe Etsy is more your thing.
  • Have you visited our Fabric Shop tab located right under our Blog Header.

Stay cool and stay week we have a guest post from Bon Bon Atelier.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Sewing

So, what are you working on this summer?  Aside from your STLMQG Inspiration Challenge ;-)

Just in case you need some ideas, here's a few things happening around the lovely quilting world.
And don't be afraid to bookmark any of these that interest you, most of these allow you to jump in whenever you have the time.

Soda Pop QAL (Quilt-A-Long)

Purse Palooza 2012

If you know of other things that your fellow Modern Quilter would like to know about, please leave a comment below or on our Flickr group and we'll get this list updated.

Keep Quilting!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Meeting Recap (June 9th, 2012)

Thanks to everyone who came out today for our meeting, members and guests alike :-)

Here's a brief recap of the activities along with several links along the way.

  • As part of our monthly "You Oughta Know" segment, Cindy Lammon introduced us to the Quik Clip; which saves her lots of time when basting a quilt sandwich.
  • It's not too late to get involved in our "Inspiration Challenge", as your quilt isn't due until our August meeting (8/11).  All the info you need, including links to the inspiration can be found here or here
  • We want to Thank those who participated in our Quilt Market & Modern Meet-Up Recap.  Your thoughts, highlights and hilarious commentary were most appreciated.  If you want to see some photos from the Modern Meet-Up, just scroll down a few posts.
  • Show & Tell was thrilling as always.  Can't wait to see more next month.
  • We hope that those who participated in the Charm Square Swap were excited with the scrappy goodness they got to take home. 
Please make sure that you do not miss next month's activities and's sure to be a blast.
  • Bon Bon Atelier be hosting a Pop-Up shop, so don't forget your $$$
  • Mary Claire, our guild VP, will be giving a presentation on "White Space in Modern Quilts"
  • STLMQG 2nd Anniversary Celebration with group photo

Here are links to some of the information that was mentioned/discussed today:
  • Leftovers, Etc...if you have crafty items you would like to donate, or want to know what else they accept, make sure that you check out the link above.  Thanks to those who introduced us to this Non-Profit organization.
  • Have you heard about Totally Stitchin''s a new community venture from BabyLock aimed at reaching out to those that enjoy Modern Quilting.  Did you know that BabyLock is the exclusive machine provider for Sewing Summit.
  • Did you miss the names of the 3 magazines aimed at Modern they are again with links in case you would like to get yourself a subscription or follow along online.
  • Thanks to Sew Sweet Quilt Shop for their donation to our giveaway today.  Did you want to know more about the Sweet Sewfull Event, check it out.

See you next month, and until then make sure that you visit us on Flickr.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Meeting #22 - June 9th, 2012

Hello Modern Quilters,

We hope you all are looking forward to this month's activities, a Charm Square swap, Market & Modern Meet-Up Recap and much more. 

New to our group, Welcome!  Bring a friend, the more the merrier.

Date: June 9th, 2012
Time: 10am - 12:30pm
Location: The Heights
-Welcome & Guild Business
      :: Membership #s for 2012
      :: Special Announcements/Quilting News
-Charm Square Swap
-You Oughta Know "Notions/Gadgets"
-Member's Swap/Challenge Committee
     ::Answering questions about our Inspiration Challenge
-Quilt Market & Modern Meet-Up Recap (Hmmm...don't miss this)
-Show & Tell
-Next Meeting Date (July 14th) & Next Month's Activities
     ::Bon Bon Atelier - Pop Up Shop
     ::White Space in Modern Quilts Presentation
     ::STLMQG 2nd Anniversary Party
-Remaining Questions/Comments
-Mix & Mingle

**Don't forget your handmade nametag if you want to be eligible for Door Prizes.

**Don't be shy, we want to see your Show & Tell items...limit of 3, Please. 

Charm Square Swap Information

Charm Squares are the perfect size for many scrappy projects and this month we'll be giving you the opportunity to trade some of your charm squares for a surprise assortment of new-to-you ones.  Here's all you have to do to join in the fun.

1. Fill out the Survey...keep an eye out for an email from Lynne (STLMQG Secretary) or follow the link below (please only fill this out once).

2. Bring anywhere from 10-40 Charm Squares in a small ziploc bag.  They can all be the same print/solid or a random assortment.  **See below for more info regarding the types of prints**

3. You'll turn in your Charm Squares at the beginning of the meeting (Your name and Quantity brought will be noted).

4. By meeting's end, you'll go home with a new assortment...Surprise!!!!!

Remember, swap onto others as you'll have swapped onto you...that means:

:: Fabric should be Quilt Shop quality.  Should you decide to bring fabric from Jo-Ann's or Hancock it must be from their Higher-Priced/Quality Lines (DSQuilts, Michael Miller Prints, M'Liss, TopShelf, etc). 

:: Precuts are a fast and easy way to participate in this swap, just make sure that the fabric is Quilt Shop quality as mentioned above and is bright and cheery like the photos below.
::As we are a Modern Quilt Guild, please make sure that you fabric is fun, fresh and cheery.
Here are some examples of the types of prints/colors to bring...

We ALL have different likes and preferences, please note that the above was not meant to put a damper on your fun; but rather to ensure that everyone has a good time. 

 We'll see you all on Saturday!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Modern Meet-Up Part 2

First we thanked our sponsors and volunteers. Now we want to thank YOU! All the people who attended the Meet Up and enjoyed themselves! THANK YOU!

And, photos of our prize winners!
(we apologize, we could not match names to three of our winners. If you know who they are, please share!)

Stephanie Peterson wins Marmalade QuiltCon bundle

unknown wins Pink Chalk QuiltCon bundle

Kristin Marciniack wins fat quarter set of Michael Miller cotton couture

Unknown wins fat quarter set of Michael Miller cotton couture

Dora Augbas wins Modern Quilts Unlimited gift bag

Tammie Schaffer wins Missouri Star Quilt Co. gift bundle

Mary Anne Griffin wins Aurifil 12-spool pack

Stephanie Adams wins Rowan gift basket

Nedra Bonds wins FreeSpirit gift basket

Miriam Coffey wins Riley Blake gift bundle

Jesse Bartley (right) wins the Oakshott shot cotton bundle

Emily Herrick wins Sew Sweet Quilt Shop gift bundle

Jean Enwright wins Sew Sweet Quilt Shop gift bundle

unknown wins Accuquilt GO! Baby, flower die and cutting mat

Janice Zemechel wins Quilter's Dream batting

We hope everyone who came enjoyed themselves! Now for a vacation, eh? ;)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Modern Meet-Up Part 1

Are you guys as tired as we are? Whew! What a Meet Up!! Now that the furor has died down, the first thing we want to do is thank all the fabulous sponsors who made this event possible.

Prize table

Prize table - some of the large prize giveaways

First up: The Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild and the Saint Louis Modern Quilt Guild for all the work that went into planning and all the volunteers who made the event run smoothly. Special thanks to: Mary Anne Williams, Sarah Mosher, Kristy Daum, Lynne, Marilyn, Tammie, Carol, Paula, Nancy, Melissa, Marsha, Monica, Kristin, Jenny, Sharon, Denise, Linda, and Stephanie! (if your name is not here and you helped out, we apologize for the omission and we appreciated your help!)

Second: HUGE SHOUT OUT to QuiltCon, who secured the ballroom that we held the Meet Up in. Without them, we probably would have been milling around in the streets instead. Special thanks to Heather Grant, who did all the phone tag legwork!

And finally (though definitely not least): ALL OUR SPONSORS!

Donated a GO! Baby, flower die, and cutting mat.

Donated an entire set of shot cotton fat quarters, a charm pack, and a color card.

Donated $250 worth of gift certificates.

Donated a large basket prize including 1 Essential solids fat quarter, 1 essentials design roll, 2, 6" charm packs, 1 Anna Maria Horner Pearl cotton set, 1 fabric covered journal, 1 Tanya Whelan Sew What you Love book.

Donated a large basket prize including 2 Kaffe Classic Fat Quarter bundles, 1 Kaffe Classic Design Roll, 1 Box Rowan Thread, Stone, 1 fabric covered journal, Kaffe book: Quilts in Sweden.

Donated fat quarter bundles of organic fabric lines.

Donated Fat Quarter Set of Stars & Stripes, Apple of My Eye, and Cotton Chevron; 3 Charm Packs, 2 cards of Crochet Accessories/Ornaments, and 10 cards of varying buttons.

Donated gift bag including Work Apron from Modern Quilts Unlimited Magazine,
1 Certificate for a one-Year Charter Subscription to Modern Quilts Unlimited Magazine, 4 one-half yard cuts of Moda Fabric, designed by Malka Dubrawsky, Snippets scissors by Martelli, Ergonomic Rotary Cutter by Martelli, 5 ½ inch Curved Embroidery scissors by Havel’s.
Donated 50 copies of their new magazine.

Donated $250 worth of gift certificates.

Donated two complete sets of fat quarters of their cotton couture line and 35 charm packs of the same line.

Angela Walters (Free motion quilting book)
Aurifil (lots of thread)
Bon Bon Atelier (fat quarter set of fabric)
Cluck. Cluck. Sew. (patterns)
Denyse Schmidt Quilts (travel-sized sewing kits)
Empty Bobbin Sewing Studio (patterns)
Fabricworm (fat quarter set of fabric)
Fresh Lemons Quilts (pattern certificates)
Fresh Modern Fabric (fat quarter set of fabric)
Fresh-Squeezed Fabric (fat quarter set of fabric)
Gears for Guys by Emily Herrick (three copies)
G├╝termann of America, Inc. (thread)
Interweave (Quilting Modern book)
Jaybird Quilts (patterns)
Kristy Daum (patterns)
Marmalade Fabrics (half-yard QuiltCon fabric stack)
Martingale Publishers (lots of books)
Melissa Stramel (patterns)
Missouri Star Quilt Co. (set of rulers and fabric bundles)
Moda Fabrics (notions bag and cake layer gift bundles)
Modern Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman (three copies)
Modern Quilt Studio (copies of their new magazine)
Pink Castle Fabrics (fat quarter set of fabric)
Pink Chalk Fabrics (one-yard QuiltCon fabric stack)
Quilt Sticks (rulers)
Robert Kaufman (charm packs and fat quarter sets)
Sew Fresh Fabrics (fat quarter set of fabric)
Sew, Mama, Sew! (gift certificate)
Sew Sweet Quilt Shop (two gift bundles of fabric, rulers, and more)
Spoonflower (two gift certificates)
Stash Books (lots of books)
Sunflower Quilts (patterns)
Swell Cloth (fat quarter set of fabric)
Quilter's Dream Batting (several rolls of miscellaneous batting)
Zipit (large bag of assorted zippers and zipper pulls)

These sponsors were fabulous. They really made our Meet Up awesome! We'll do a Part 2 blog post that includes pictures from the Meet Up and some of the prize winners. Look for it soon.