Sunday, October 9, 2011

Meeting Recap (October 8th, 2011)

Wow!!!  That's the best way to describe our meeting yesterday.  One unbelievable moment after another after another, everyone pulled out the stops with the HABITAT Challenge and it made for a fantastic meeting.  Thanks to everyone who attended and made it a great day!!  A shout-out to Andi, President of the AtlMQG, who found time to join us while she was in town visiting family. 

Here's some thing you may remember or could have missed:
  • Our "You Oughta Know" segment was a hit with Jackie sharing her AquaDoodle tips, while Grace brought her Heramarker and some interesting needles.  Marianne discussed the benefits of using slotted rulers and templates.
  • We then started the HABITAT Challenge reveal and by the time it was all said and done, there were a total of 28 quilts shown.  This was the epitome of a Challenge as many of our members stepped out of their comfort zone and it definately showed, as each of the quilts were unique and exquisite.  Mary Claire was taking photos and has uploaded them to our Flickr page.  We will be doing a separate showcase here on our blog, over the next week or so, so I encourage you to send us a photo of your finished quilt.  Otherwise, we will be using the photo that Mary Claire uploaded.  If for any reason you choose not to have your quilt shown, please let us know that as well.
  • Mary Claire and I were happy to announce that we have a full cabinet of Officers for 2012, as well as some additional support staff.  All of which will help make the STLMQG a stronger and more vibrant guild not only within the St. Louis community; but within the MQG as a whole.  No election was necessary due to the number of people that ran; which made things easy.  Here is your STLMQG Leadership:
                                                President:   Kristy Daum
                                                Vice-President:   Mary Claire
                                                Secretary:   Lynne
                                                Treasurer:   Rene

                                                Social Media/PR:   Cara
                                                Charitable Committee Rep:   Mary Claire
                                                Members Challenge/Swap Committee:
                                                                Grace, Juli Ann, Jessica, Wendy,
                                                                Candy, Judy, Marsha, and Cindy
                                                Election Officiant (Aug-Oct):   Jamie Mueller
  • We had time for a brief Show & Tell; which allowed many of our members to see some quilts up close and in person that had previously only been shown on blogs or Flickr.
  • An announcement was then made highlighting some of the activities we have planned for the rest of the year.  We hope that you'll join us as the more people we have participating the better.  Here's what is on the agenda:
                         November Meeting:
      • Photography 101 & Best Locations to take photos:  Need Volunteers to speak about their experiences with taking quilt and even block, camera, etc.  Additionally, we need your favorite locations around town.  They can be parks, an old building, a random gas station wall, etc.  Send us the stats and sign-up if you want to be on our panel.
      • Sewing Summit review:  Cara represented our guild at this event; which was the first of it's kind held in Salt Lake City this weekend.  We know that Twitter was rocking with all sorts of updates and we are bound to see blog recaps too.  We can't wait to hear Cara's personal experience and maybe if we ask really nicely, she'll show us some of the goodies she received for participating.
      • Rob Your Neighbor Swap:  All those wanting to participate bring a 1/2 yd or 2 FQs of any Modern fabric in a brown-paper bag.  We will then take turns stealing and swapping bags with one another.  It's sure to be lots of fun.
                         December Meeting:
      • Ticket Auction:  We are looking for donations of notions, fabrics, books, patterns, or even handmade goods.  Everyone who donates receives X-amount of tickets which they can then use as chances to win other donations or prizes.  Everyone can purchase additional tickets at 50cents a piece.   So dig through your stash, consider picking up something on your next visit to your favorite shop, or if you are someone who enjoys making things...we would love something handmade.
      • Show & Tell + :  We will be hosting an expanded edition of Show & Tell this month allowing everyone to bring in multipe items, talk a little more indepth about a special project they are working on, what they hope for the future of the STLMQG, etc.  

  • Finally, please check out the following Quilt or Quilting-related events around town this month:
      • Quilt National at the Foundry Art Centre in St. Charles  (Oct 2nd - Nov 4th) $5 admission.  As stated during the meeting, St. Louis is lucky enough to have the exhibit in it's entirity, as it will be broken into smaller pieces as it begins it's journey to other cities.
      • Quintessential Quilt Exhibit at the University City Library (Oct 2nd - Oct 28th) Free admission.  A juried quilt show sponsored by the Circle in the Square Guild

If Mary Claire and I could shout from the rooftops we would...THANK YOU!!!
Not only for your generosity; but for your sincerity, willingness to try new things,
 and most importantly your friendship.

We are glad that we have made the STLMQG a place where talent shines,
friends are made and laughter reigns supreme.


Andi said...

You ladies are absolutely fabulous, and I had such a good time with your Guild and hanging out with you. I'm really sad I can't just come to all your meetings and join your Guild! I am looking forward to planning all of my trips home around your meetings. See you in April! Please keep in touch!!


Kristy said...

Andi, we are glad that you were able to join us on Saturday...can't wait to do it again.

We'll most certainly keep in touch!