Sunday, September 19, 2010

MQG Info Session Recap

I want to thank everyone who attended the MQG Info Session at The Quilted Fox yesterday, we had nearly 30 people in attendance.  By the time I left we had 11 new members officially signed up...which brings our STLMQG to a total of 32 members.

I'm so happy to see how excited everyone was; which just let's me know that it was time for St. Louis to make its presence known.

There were a few bloggers' names, websites, etc which were mentioned and I wanted to make sure that I put this info out for everyone because if you are like me...trying to write down a web address can be cumbersome, I'd rather someone just send me the link.

So here you go:

Rossie , 1 hour long presentation on Modern Quilting

New Wave Quilt, created by Elizabeth Hartmann (Oh, Fransson!)

Modern Quilt Guild website
Thanks to The Quilted Fox for hosting this event! 

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