Sunday, July 15, 2012

Meeting Recap (July 14th, 2012)

Okay, so was it just us or did you go home and crash after the meeting too? 

It was an exciting whirlwind of activities and hopefully this recap will help you remember some of it.  We know that there was alot of information given out, so make sure that you check out the links where available.

Before we begin, we want to give a big Shout Out and Thank You to Betsy and Emily from Bon Bon Atelier.  They drove all the way from Kansas City so they could share some of their goodies with us.

  • Our next Sew-In Saturday is July 28th from 9am-9pm and is open to all due-paying members.  The cost is 1 FQ of a Modern Fabric.  It's a great opportunity to not only spread out and work on your own projects; but check out what your fellow members are doing.  Plus who doesn't like lots of munchies and laughter.   Check your email later this evening for enrollment information and remember don't delay as attendance is capped at 30.
  • The Sweet Sewfull Event in Brunswick, MO is happening Fri-Sun July 20th-22nd.  To learn more, please visit the website.
  • Fabric Nosherie is hosting a Garage Sale on Saturday, August 18th.  If you'd like to rent a space for $5, please give them a call.  Also, if you'd like to help them with a charity sew-in, head on over to the shop on Friday, August 31st from 5:30-??
  • The long-awaiting QuiltCon Lecture/Workshop schedule was released this past Monday to a flurry of excitement.  If you'd like to learn more about QuiltCon, please visit their website.  Oh, and don't forget, it's not too late to get in on the QuiltCon Block Challenge.  The blocks are due August 15th.

  • After Betsy and Emily from Bon Bon Atelier introduced their shop, our members quickly jumped in line so they could buy the newest fabrics "hot off the UPS truck".  
  • While the shopping extravaganza was going on, our members' enjoyed a bit of cake to celebrate our guild's 2nd anniversary. 
  • Finally, Mary Claire gave a presentation on "White Space in Modern Quilts".  Although whatever you do, don't ask her for a copy ;-)
  • To end the meeting we gave away lots of wonderful goodies (fabric, magazines, books, and even some thread) as a close to our 2nd anniversary.

Finally, as the seconds were ticking away on the clock we wanted to get a group photo as a keepsake of what matters most...Our Members.

Photo courtesy of Lynne


We'll miss you Miss Nancy
Don't forget to stay in touch and let us know how things are going in Arizona.


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