Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Itty Bitty Magnet Swap

We announced our fun Itty Bitty Magnet Swap at the January meeting and thought we'd check in with a post to see how everyone is coming along!

We first saw these cute magnets on Flickr by Nova and Rashida Coleman-Hale and most recently in the book Zakka Style compiled by Rashida Coleman-Hale.

How could we resist such a cute idea?

Mary Claire brought in a sample magnet made from the pattern in the Zakka Style book to get your creative juices flowing.  If you want to get the book and use the patterns that's great, but it's certainly not a requirement.  Feel free to explore your imagination and make your own interpretation of the Itty Bitty Quilt Block Magnet!

All we ask is that your magnet is around 1.5 inches in size. 

If you missed the January meeting and didn't get a magnet, just make sure you use one that is strong enough to hold up the patchwork and a few pieces of paper underneath.  These are the ones we handed out.

We can't wait to see what cuteness you create; remember they are due at the February 11th meeting!!


XY Modern Quilter said...

Mine is done. I'll post a pic. Has to be the smallest quilting I've done. 16 blocks in a 1-1/4" square!

Nancy said...

I've made two failures!! I can't seem to get them turned right side out...

Kristy said...

It's an absolute pain to turn them as the space is so small; but eventually you get a small start and then carefully you are able to.

Me? A Mom? said...

Mine's done!