Tuesday, January 21, 2014

WOW (War on WIP)

Many quilters have a Love/Hate relationship with their Works in Progress.  We stuff them into plastic bags or tubs, hide them in drawers or behind our fabric stashes so we don't have to look at them.

This year the St. Louis MQG is challenging it's members to participate in the War, the War on Works in Progress that is...cleverly named WOW; by our friends in the Austin MQG, who came up with this idea. So, how can you participate...it's fairly easy; but involves a painful first step.

You have to take inventory of your Works in Progress...so take a deep breath and let's begin


February Meeting

  • Each member is encouraged to bring 1-3 WIP to show to the group
  • Group discussion - How many do we have?  What's our oldest? Is there a strategy we have used in the past to complete those WIP? Etc?
  • Members take an index card, write their name (First & Last) at top, followed by the WIP they expect to finish by December.  Kristy, Guild President, collects the cards and will bring them back each meeting, thru September.

Throughout the Year
  • Each WIP you have listed on the card, finish and show to the group at a meeting enters you into the WOW drawing in December. 
  • Update your card as needed, thru September, removing items you have given up hope on, adding items you want to tackle instead.  
  • Bring a WIP to a meeting and ask that question which is keeping you from finishing.
  • Encourage and support one another on social media.  If you are a Blogger, consider writing a post about your WIP and show your readers your progress throughout the year.  If you are on Instagram, use the hashtag  #stlmqgwow to ask questions, get feedback on layout ideas, etc.  

WIP Definition:  We really want to encourage our members to finish those quilts (we are a quilt guild) and complex projects that have been sitting around, so for the purposes of this challenge, the following applies.

  • Must be a quilt larger then 24" x 24", and should not be something that you just have to put a binding on...that's just cheating.
  • Can also be a complex non-quilt item like a Weekender Bag, etc.
  • Please keep napkins, pajama pants, curtains, etc off of your WOW index card, as they won't count towards your chance at a prize come December.

So whose ready to play ?  

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Lynne said...

I SO need this to get me going. I can't count the number of WIPs I have at the moment. Will try to come up with a list before the next meeting. Fingers crossed! :)