Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Meeting #50 - November 8th, 2014

Hello Modern Quilters,

It feels like it has been ages since we all got together, although many of you attended Sew Me St. Louis last month; which was an exciting event. November has a lot to offer, so we hope to see you there.  

Date: November 8th 2014
Time: 10am - 12:30pm 
Location: The Heights


-Welcome & Guild Business
   :: Membership Information
   :: Financial Information
   :: Special Announcements/Quilting News
-SewMe St. Louis Recap

-Ticket Fundraiser Item Collection
-2015 Officer Election
-Quilt Market Recap
-WOW (War on WIP) Show & Tell 
-Show & Tell
-Mix & Mingle

-------------------------- FYI ------------------------------

:: This month starts our annual Ticket Fundraiser.  Check out this link to learn more about how this event works. We will be collecting items this month, so please be sure to bring them. As always keep in mind that we are a MODERN quilt guild, so please do not bring in items that should otherwise be given to GoodWill, sold at a Garage Sale, or trashed. We want people to be excited by what they see come December.

 :: We will be collecting 2015 dues at the November and December meeting, so please remember to bring $40 cash or check with you, so you don't lose a minute of what our guild has to offer.  We have already started working on next year's calendar and it is shaping up to be another great year.

:: Speaking of 2015, we have a lot of opportunities for you to get more involved in our guild through committees. Our guild would not be the same without these committees (Member's Swap/Challenge, Charity, Education, and Events) and the wonderful members who bring them to life.  You can sign-up starting in November.

:: November 15th is our final Sew-In for 2014, you'll be able to sign up following Saturday's meeting.

See You Saturday!!

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