Thursday, February 18, 2016

I-70 Swap with KCMQG

The Swap and Challenge Committee is excited to announce the I-70 Swap with the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild! Get to know our sister guild and make connections with modern quilters across Missouri!

For this swap, all dues-paying members who wish to participate need to fill out the SIGN-UP FORM below.  Next, you will create a single 8"- 12" quilt block using your favorite fabrics, colors, and pattern. At the March meeting (March 12), turn in your block along with a printed and completed copy of the downloadable BLOCK FORM below (or mail to Casey if you can't make the meeting--see below for more details). Blocks will be shipped to the KCMQG, where they will be matched up with secret partners who will make a project of your choice out of your block.
At the April meeting (April 9), you will receive a block from a secret KCMQG partner to make into a project for them. (You will have the opportunity to tell us what types of projects you are comfortable making, so don't worry about being matched with a partner who wants something you can't make!) You'll have three months to make the project, which you must turn in to Casey no later than the July meeting so that it can be shipped back to Kansas City. At the August meeting, you will receive a completed project from your KC partner.

A couple of details:
  • Because this swap requires shipping between KC and St. Louis, timeliness is important. Please keep an eye on the calendar and hand in your blocks and finished projects by the due dates to ensure that the swap runs smoothly. If you cannot make one of the meetings where we will be turning things in, feel free to email Casey to work out alternative arrangements (casey AT casey-york DOT com).
  • Please note that the online version of the form asks whether you will attend the June meeting, but that the STLMQG will not meet in June. Please check this box as YES if you plan to be at the JULY meeting (July 9).
  • You will be provided with information about your secret partner's style and likes and dislikes so that you can transform their block into a project that will be perfect for them.
  • You are not required to purchase additional materials for the project you make--using your stash is fine. Please do be conscientious, though, and use only high-quality fabrics and other materials.
  • Please ensure that your block measures between 8" and 12" square. You should leave your partner's block intact when making it into a project.
  • Feel free to post your project progress on social media, and please use the hashtag #i70Swap
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Casey!

Have fun making your block, and thanks for participating in this swap with our sister guild!

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