Saturday, April 8, 2017

Charity Project 2017

St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild - Charity Project 2017

Every year the STLMQG sponsors a sewing project for charity. This year we will be donating children’s dresses and pants to Little Dresses for Africa and Britches for Boys. 

From their website,

“…these dresses are so much more than just something to wear.  These dresses go as little Ambassadors all over the world to plant in the hearts of little girls that they are worthy.  These dresses give the distributors an opportunity to meet and encourage those in need and to identify areas that can be addressed with help from the USA such as clean water and education.  Relationships are formed and information is shared.” 

We have provided two simple dress patterns for your use: one with raglan sleeves and a pillowcase style dress. However, simple dresses from any pattern are accepted. Boys’ shorts and pants are also in high demand. A pattern to adapt a tee-shirt into pants is listed below. The pant pattern is very similar to pajama pants. Feel free to use a pajama pant pattern with other fabric if desired. (Elastic or drawstring waist only, please.)

Dress with Elasticized Top 

Raglan Sleeve Dress

Pants/Shorts Pattern

When choosing fabric for the dresses and pants, please pick fabrics that will wash and wear well. For example, the sheer white fabric with tiny daisies may be pretty, but would be prone to staining and ripping. 

Let’s give them our best!

Please mark the approximate size on the clothing. You can use a fabric marker or attach a tag with a safety pin (please, no straight pins!).

We will be collecting the dresses and pants at the September 9th meeting, and we can’t wait to see what you make!

Thank you!
Your Charity Committee: Leila Gardunia, Marie Nicholson Hill, and Barb Phelps  

For more information on Little Dresses for Africa:

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