Monday, April 16, 2018

Shannon Brinkley's Visit to the STLMQG

This past weekend, the STLMQG was pleased to host Shannon Brinkley, a quilter, pattern designer, book author, and creator of the Scrappy Applique technique. She hosted two workshops for our members on her signature technique and color confidence for quilters, as well as a trunk show and lecture that was open to both members and the public.

The weekend started with the Scrappy Applique workshop. Shannon showed everyone how to use interfacing and improv-cut pieces of fabric to create fun collages in a a variety of shapes, from city skylines to globes, trees, and elephants. It was a freeing and fun class!
Here are just some of the lovely finished pieces! You can find lots more pictures of the workshops on our guild's Instagram page.
A large, attentive crowd joined us that night for the trunk show, in which Shannon showed off many of her lovely pieces and told us more about scrappy applique and her creative process.
We finished off the weekend with the Color Confidence for Quilters workshop, in which Shannon guided members through color theory, helping them to divide their stashes into specific colors on the color wheel, make their own color wheels, and create usable fabric palettes.
It was such a fun, colorful weekend, and we're so pleased Shannon was able to join us!

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