Monday, March 16, 2020

Charity Projects 2020: Ryan's Case for Smiles, Fostering Families, and LEO.

Every year, the STLMQG sponsors a sewing project for charity. This year, the charity committee has selected three recipients of our efforts. 
  • Ryan's Case for Smiles -  an organization that works to improve the quality of life of children and their families as they undergo treatment. They have a simple goal; to create and distribute whimsical pillowcases that give children an emotional boost and remind them that they are not defined by their illness.  Pillowcases go to children battling cancer in hospitals in our area.  To learn about Ryan Kerr, the namesake for this charity, go to
  • Fostering Families Fostering Futures is a home and community-based therapeutic program designed to stabilize children at risk for placement disruption, and who live in the City of St. Louis or St. Louis County.  Learn more about this incredibly important organization here: We will be providing pillowcases in the same spirit and style as Ryan's Case for Smiles. 
  • Quilts for LEO - This is a little less orthodox as there is no official charity, however, it has come to our attention that local law enforcement officers (LEO) use quilts as tools of comfort for children during troubling or even life changing situations when the police are called to their homes. Quilts from our efforts will go to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Force to be used and given to our very own local St. Louis City children. 
Charity Project #1: Pillowcases for Ryan's Case for Smiles and Fostering Families
  • Use only 100% cotton, but not flannel and no glitter. 
  • Here is a pdf  tutorial for the pillowcases.
  • If you prefer video instruction, this is a YouTube favorite.    
  • Wash pillowcases in unscented detergent, iron and place in a quart or gallon Ziploc bag along with your name and email address.   Attach a STLMQG label to the inside of the pillowcase, if you desire, but this is not necessary. Labels will be available at all meetings. 
  • Repeat!!
Deadline: Due in your nearest drop box by August 1st
Questions: You are encouraged to reach out directly to Monica, the Charity Committee Chair;
Hashtags for your Instagram Posts: #stlmqgcares, #stlmqgpillows and #stlmqg

Charity Project #2 - Quilts for LEO
Instructions/Parameters: There are no official guidelines or restrictions to this project though here are our strong recommendations: 
  • Quilts should be new, handmade, and washable. 
  • Fabric should be cotton or cotton/poly blend. Knit fabric is not acceptable.
  • Cotton or acrylic batting is acceptable.
  • While we encourage members to make a quilt, we will also accept tied comforters and fleece blankets.
  • We encourage sizes between 40" and 60" in width and length. 
  • Quilts must be free of smoky smells, chemicals, and pet hair and should not have any embellishments such as buttons, beads, or sequins.
  • Although not required for donation, if possible, please include an STLMQG Cares label on the lower right corner of the quilt back. Labels will be available at all guild meetings.
Deadline: Due in your nearest drop box by November 30th
Questions: You are encouraged to reach out directly to Monica, the Charity Committee Chair;
Hashtags for your Instagram Posts: #stlmqgcares and #stlmqg

*COVID-19 Additional note: Even as we post this, some of our organizations are suspending their acceptance of donated goods. While we anticipate this will end by the time we would like to submit our projects, we are adding the requirement that all items be washed after completion. This will help minimize issues should the charity committee be required to wash the items after collection but before turning them in. 

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