Tuesday, August 4, 2020

QuiltCon 2021 Community Outreach Quilt Challenge

STLMQG Block Instructions

Hello STLMQG guild members! We’re excited to reveal the plan for this year’s guild QuiltCon quilt. As we are all well aware, things are a bit different this year, so our plan is taking those circumstances into account with more freedom and the ability to let members participate is as low-key of a way as possible.



--All participating members should make ONE 4”, 6”, or 8” square block (finished sizes, so 4.5”, 6.5”, or 8.5” square unfinished).

--The block should consist of only one simple curved element. Examples include a circle, an arc or improv “hill,” bias tape appliqué, an orange peel, a drunkard’s path, etc. You’ll find a list of suggested tutorials at the end of this document. This is not the time to get all fancy with an intricate block. The blocks should be simple individually, but the combination will serve as the “signatures” of all of our guild members. While we may be separated at this time, our shared love of quilting will bring us together. The example to the left is what we’re envisioning for the final quilt.

--Needle-turn appliqué is acceptable, but please do not use raw-edge or machine appliqué (consider the inset/6-minute circle tutorial for an alternative to “visible” machine appliqué).

--Each block should be composed of just TWO fabrics in any combination of the challenge colors shown below (for example, white and royal blue, red-orange and cheddar orange, navy and light blue, etc.)


Example Block

Fabric Requirements:

--All fabrics should be MODERN and quilt-shop quality.

--You may use solids, tone-on-tone prints, or “basics” that combine two of the colors (but no more than two colors, including white). Basics include simple, small-scale geometric prints, such as dots and lines. The photo below includes some examples of acceptable fabrics.


--The suggested matching solids are listed below. While you do not have to use an exact matching solid, it should be as close as possible to ensure there is consistency across the quilt. You are also welcome to use solids from brands other than those listed; do your best to match them to the provided color palette. Please do not use low-volume prints unless they only include the colors shown above (so no gray low volumes, for instance). White should be as close to pure white as you have; please try to avoid anything too creamy or with a yellow undertone.


Moda Bella

Free Spirit Designer

Me+You Indah

White or Bleached White

School Bus or Saffron

Flame or Pimento

Spa Blue



Bleached White

Amelia Orange


Baby Blue



Arctic White













--Blocks are due by Sept. 30. Blocks can be turned in via one of the guild drop boxes or by mailing them to Jessica Schunke. You can find her contact information on the Roster in the Member Drive.

The challenge quilts have to be submitted to QuiltCon much earlier this year, so we will not be able to accept late blocks. But this assignment is so easy, we know you won’t have any trouble getting yours in on time.

Questions can be emailed to Jessica Schunke. Happy sewing!

--Your QuiltCon Challenge Quilt Organizers

Jessica Schunke, Linda Caplinger, Susan Muszynski, Patti Baymiller, and Marianne Belcke

Suggested Tutorials

**These are just ideas to get you started. Feel free to branch out.

Bias tape appliqué


Orange peel


**Note: If you do an orange peel, your block should just be one “petal,” not a full flower.

Improv "hills"


Inset/6-minute circle


Drunkard’s path

--6" version: https://sometimescrafter.com/tutorial-drunkards-path-block/

--4" version: https://www.gathered.how/sewing-and-quilting/quilting/how-to-sew-drunkards-path-quilts/

--2" and 4" versions: https://www.gathered.how/sewing-and-quilting/quilting/how-to-drunkards-path-quilt-pattern/

(Two-inch blocks can be combined to make the requested 4", 6", or 8" blocks.)

General tips



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