Saturday, October 23, 2010


The STLMQG CO-OP is now up and running.  Here is the page, STLMQG CO-OP, if you'd like to join.

What is a CO-OP you ask??  It's a group in which members participate for a mutual benefit.
In our case, it's the opportunity to swap fabric or other quilty-related items (books, notions, templates, etc) as well as offer fellow members free items that you might no longer want.

The most important rule of participation is that that you must be a due-paying member in good standing.

All you have to do to participate is click the "Join This Group" button at the top of the STLMQG CO-OP page.  Once you are confirmed as a due-paying member, here's what you do.

1. Create and Upload a Profile.  It's a simple way to make sure that people know the basics about you, like how you prefer to mail items, what things you are always on the hunt for, etc.  No personal info should be included with the exception of your First name.  There are some examples already up on the page for you to use as a "template".

2. Find some items you want to swap, offer for free.

3. Take clear photos of the items (separately, if you are offering them as such) and upload to the photo pool with information about the item offered.  You will find several examples on the page for you to use as a "template".

4. Monitor your items

5. Once the item is in the other person's posession, please remove that photo from the photo there is no confusion.

There are a handful of templates, examples, and lots of information for you to use.

Brige (Flickr Name: Brige66) is heading up this program, so let's all give her a big Thanks!! 

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