Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Do you have fabric, quilting books, magazines, etc that you'd love to get rid of but holding a garage sale is too much trouble?  Would you like to offer the items to your fellow STLMQG members instead?
Then, you might be interested in the STLMQG Co-op. 

Originally this co-op was on Flickr; but has recently moved to Yahoo! Groups. 
Brige (Flickr Name: Brige 66) is managing the co-opand will be your contact.
If you'd like to join or learn more, please see the below information.  The only requirement is that you are a due-paying member.  So start pulling those items that are hogging valuable space and get them listed on our Co-op site.

STLMQG Co-op  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/stlmqg_coop/ and find the Join This Group button.
Information can also be found on Brige's blog in a special section she has devoted to the Co-op.

Once you are cfmnd as a due-paying member you can start listing items.

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Brige said...

I will be putting a "folder" tab on my blog here shortly that will provide more information about the STLMQG COOP Yahoo Group.


I also may have to show Kristy a little about how to get around the STLMQG COOP Yahoo Group (not sure if she has ever moderated one) as she is the one that will be approving memberships by verifying that you have paid your STLMQG yearly dues.