Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pin Cushion Swap 2011

1. Scrappy Pincushion #2, 2. Mini Hexagon Pincushion Practice, 3. 29th July, 2010, 4. Skinny Pincushion Free Pattern, 5. Scrappy Pincushion Swap, 6. sew pin cushion
We hope everyone is excited about the pin cushion swap in February!  
Are you ready to get started?  
Need an idea or some inspiration?  
We are here to help!

This Flickr group has, count um, 35 pages of pin cushion pictures!
This Flickr thread has links to 32 tutorials!

Not enough?

How about this cute pattern from fabric designer Heather Bailey?

Got a copy of Sewing Bit's and Pieces by Sandi Henderson?  
There's a pin cushion pattern in there!
Got a copy of Sew it Seams by Anna Maria Horner?
There's a pin cushion pattern in there too!

So grab that new modern fabric you just bought and get to it!

In case you missed it, each participant will bring their unwrapped pin cushion to the February meeting for a show and tell.  We'll put all the pin cushions on a table and assign numbers to each participant randomly.  Number 1 goes first and chooses a pin cushion.
Number 2 goes next and can choose a pin cushion off the table OR she/he can steal a previously chosen pin cushion.
Note that once a pin cushion has touched three sets of hands, it is considered in-active and can no longer be stolen.
We will continue this way until all the pin cushions have a new home!

Feel free to comment with more pin cushion ideas or questions!

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Me? A Mom? said...

I posted this on our flickr group but I'll post it here as well...

I have an embarrassing amount of what we consider "modern" fabric. Truly. Including some great scraps -- large and small.

If there's interest, I'd be willing to swap scrap packs of modern fabric for a 1/2 yard of a Kona cotton color. I also would be willing to customize the contents according to your color preferences or just do a mixture.

Let me know if anyone is interested and I'm happy to put these together and in the mail to you ASAP. Maybe I'll put together a few scrap packs and post a picture on flickr...