Saturday, April 9, 2011

Member Spotlight #5

NameNancy Lee
Flickr Name:  sewingnancyl
Area of Town:  Troy, MO but rehabbing our retirement home in Williamsburg, MO
Misc: Married with two married daughters and one son still at home and 5 grandchildren

What brought you to the STLMQG?
---I saw a message on the Quilted Fox newsletter that there was to be an informational meeting…I called a friend and we decided to check it out.I am so happy we did..I am so inspired at every meeting..

Do you participate in other guilds or bees?
---I belong to one other guild, Pike-Lin Quilt Guild in Clarksville, Mo and a redwork embroidery group.

When did you start quilting?
---I taught myself to sew in 1972 when my husband and I used our first tax refund money to buy me a small cheap sewing machine, pins and a pair of scissors. I made a pair of “slacks” (that’s what you called pants back then) out of brushed denim.. Not knowing what I was doing I pinned the pattern on, cut them out and sewed them together following the pattern instructions. No one told me that brushed denim had a nap to it so when they were finished, one leg looked darker than the other. ( they did fit perfectly though!!) I haven’t made an item of clothing since. Years and years later I made a baby quilt for my sister’s second child.  No one told me that gingham probably wasn’t a good choice of quilting fabric and all the seams just shredded as soon as it was quilted… I never could fix it.. Then my sister-in-law took me to Paducah 15 years ago during the Quilt Show I was overwhelmed, but fell in love with the large applique and Primitive style of Pat Sloan and Jan Patek .…and then a few years ago I stumbled across Oh’Fransson and I was hooked.  After finding the modern movement I was surprised to find that I had slowly been integrating the modern fabrics into my stash without even realizing what I was doing....

Why do you quilt?
---That’s like asking why do I eat?

What was your most recent fabric purchase?
---I bought some RJR solids in light gray and dark gray for my next quilt…and I just won ½ a layer cake of Sherbet Pips with a pattern and I can’t wait to use them.

 What is on your "I want to make this" List?
--- My list changes every time I browse through flickr…I would however like to finish the Civil War Love Letters quilt I am making my husband. It is 121 paper pieced 6 inch blocks and I am working on the sashing…

What is something you struggle with?
---  Finishing…I have so many UFO’s…Once I bargained with myself to not start a new project until I had finished a UFO…but it didn’t work.. I am such a pushover.. And I can't make anything that is stuffed ... they always come out looking weird..

  What do you do when you aren't quilting?
---  I love to do hand embroidery and read.  My husband thinks I like to drywall and paint..but he would be wrong..

Here are some photos that Nancy wanted to share with you


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Pat said...

I'm an online friend of Nancy's and she is a really wonderful gal! I'm glad you interviewed her as I learned more about her now.