Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Painter's Canvas: A Mission Possible

There has been alot of chatter and excitement behind the scenes at the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild, all of which has lead to a wonderful opportunity for those members who chose to accept a "Secret Mission".

I am here to reveal the big secret; but I want to start by saying that none of this would be possible if it wasn't for Elizabeth, one of our wonderful members who happened to run into Laura Gunn

If the name rings a bell, it's probably because you have come across Laura's fabric collections (Lantern Bloom, Poppy, Magnolia Lane and Painter's Canvas).  Lucky for us, Laura lives right here in St. Louis.

Michael Miller Fabrics will be showing her new lines Magnolia Lane and Painter's Canvas at the International Quilt Market in less then three weeks.  Laura contacted our guild and proposed a crazy idea.  Would any of the STLMQG members be interested in making a modern quilt using her Painter's Canvas line.  The quilts will be photographed, shown at market and later returned to the owner.  Of course the answer was YES!where do we sign up.

Five brave souls accepted the challenge to make a lap-size quilt in two weeks and are hard at work planning their design and selecting their color palette as we speak.

The "Secret Agents" as I like to call them are none other then...

Mary Claire 
Jamie Mueller
Lynne M. 
Juli Ann D.
and Me, Kristy Daum

Keep a lookout for in-progress photos popping up on Flickr and on our blogs.

In the meantime, rush on over to check out Laura Gunn's fabric collections and her blog.  Let's show this local Gal and Fabric Designer extraordinaire some love!

Paint in My Hair...Laura's blog

Colette Pillow Photo - sent to us by Laura Gunn

Virginia Pillow Photo - sent to us by Laura Gunn

And if you have read this far, I encourage you to visit our Flickr page NOW, RIGHT NOW
to learn how you could meet Laura Gunn.  Look for the Discussion Topic: Secret Mission Part 2

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Nancy said...

GAH! I so wish my life wasn't so busy right now...You guys are SO LUCKY!! I am so JEALOUS!!