Sunday, September 22, 2013

STLMQG Cares - Pillow Tutorial

So, have you started to pull some modern fabric from your stash or maybe picked up a yard or two at a local now what?  Make a pillow cover of course...

Q:  Can I use any pillow-cover tutorial?

A:  In an effort to streamline our process and the project overall, we have decided to use one tutorial. 

Please use the following tutorial; which was created specifically for this project and was tested for accuracy and ease of assembly.  This tutorial creates a well-fitted pillow cover that includes finished seams; which will strengthen the durability of the pillow.

This file is very large, so please download it to your computer.
One note before you start assembling pillow covers, please make sure that you have a handful of our STLMQG Cares labels on hand, as you'll need them prior to pillow assembly. 

These are available at each STLMQG meeting.  If you cannot wait until the next meeting, please email the STLMQG and we will forward your request.

 Visit the STLMQG Cares tab to learn more about your next steps and about our progress.

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