Saturday, September 21, 2013


Question 1: What is our project goal?

A:  Our guild's goal is to make 1,000 pillow covers and collect 1,000 pillow forms so we can deliver them to Siteman Cancer Center on Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2014.


Question 2: What size pillows are we making and can I donate a pillow form?

A:  The size we agreed on is 14" x 14" square.  We will gladly accept brand new pillow forms, so long as they are cotton or poly filled.  We cannot accept down-filled pillow forms, as they have the potential to cause allergies.


Question 3: How much fabric do I need to make a pillow?

A:   The pillow front requires one FQ of Modern 100% cotton quilt-shop quality printed fabric.  The pillow back requires a 1/2 yd of coordinating 100% cotton "solid or semi-solid" quilt-shop quality fabric. 
*Don't forget that you also will need a STLMQG Cares label; which are available at our STLMQG meetings. 


Question 4: Who do I contact for more information, or to learn how I can get involved?

A:   If you are a STLMQG member, please see the "Responsibilities" pdf; which was emailed to you on September 25th.  If you are a non-member, part of the quilting industry, a member of the media, can send us an email here.


Question 5: I am a member of the STLMQG; but missed the kickoff in September.  How can I participate?

A:  YAY!  We are very excited that you want to help out as we will not be able to reach our goal without the support of our members. To start, please locate the STLMQG Cares tab at the top of our blog, that is where all of the information you need to know will be located.  Second, start digging through that modern stash of yours, or consider visiting your local quilt shop to pick up some modern fabric (see Question 3 above, or visit the Pillow Tutorial post -coming soon-)


Question 6: Is the guild planning an event to sew and assemble pillows on a larger scale?

A:   Yes, we have plans to do so and will be updating our Events page as details are finalized.


This page will be updated as new questions and topics arise. 
Visit the STLMQG Cares tab to learn more about your next steps and about our progress.

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