Monday, February 12, 2018

Charity Project 2018

Every year, the STLMQG sponsors a sewing project for charity. This year, we will be donating quilts to Nurses for Newborns.

The project was announced at our February 10th meeting.

--Due dates: the Charity Committee will be accepting quilts at the May 12th and November 10th meetings.

--We will have a speaker from Nurses for Newborns at our May meeting to tell us a little more about the charity and how the quilts are used.


  • Quilts should measure 2 ft. x 3 ft. (24" x 36"). Remember, these are for newborns.
  • Larger quilts for siblings will also be accepted, but please focus your efforts on the smaller quilts.
  • Quilts should have a modern aesthetic and be made with quilt-shop quality fabrics. Let's give them our best!
  • "STLMQG Cares" labels will be available at each meeting for those who would like to add one to their quilt(s).
  • Nurses for Newborns has requested that the quilts be washed before donation if possible.

Thank you!

Your 2018 Charity Committee: Cindi Templin (Chair), Barb Phelps, Noreen Schneider, Laura Patterson, Whitney Kelly, Ann Philiph, and Gina Shelley

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