Monday, February 12, 2018

Coasters! The First Swap of 2018

At our February meeting, Emily and the Member Swap and Challenge Committee announced our first swap of the year -- coasters! Because everyone loves a cute coaster.
Details to participate:
  • Make a set of 4 coasters using modern fabric.
  • You can use whatever design and shape you like for the coasters. If you want some inspiration, here are a few tutorials to get you started:
  • The coasters are due at the March meeting. It's a fast turnaround, but coasters are a quick project.
  • The coasters will be exchanged using a rob-your-neighbor style swap. You do not need to put your coasters into any sort of bag. They should be visible for the swap.
Your 2018 Member Swap and Challenge Committee: Emily DuBois (Chair), Marianne Belcke, Jamie Willis, Mary Nygard, Heather Dye, and Jane Unger Baumstark

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