Saturday, January 9, 2021

Spring 2021 STLMQG Charity Project

The STLMQG Charity Committee is happy to announce that, for our spring 2021 project, we’ll be making quilts for the homeless veterans tiny homes project being built in North City. The Veterans Community Project (VCP) Village will provide temporary supportive housing for veterans experiencing homelessness. Originally scheduled to open the spring of 2021, it has been delayed until later in the year. You can read more about the tiny homes project here. We are joining forces with an outside group that’s already heading up the quilt-making project to support their efforts. We want to make sure that each home has a welcoming quilt on the bed when the tenant arrives. Here’s everything you need to know!

  • Quilts must be new, handmade, and washable. They may be hand or machine quilted or tied.

  • Quilt Size: Twin XL (there’s a good bit of range on this size, but the minimum is 63" x 92") (The quilts will be going on the beds in the tiny homes, which have Twin XL mattresses.)

  • Color Scheme and Fabrics: The tiny homes will be for veterans, but the quilts do not have to be patriotic in theme or color (they can be, but they don't NEED to be). Any color scheme is fine but please avoid gender-specific or juvenile prints. These quilts are for adults. Solids and prints are both fine. You're welcome to use any of a variety of fabric types (cotton, linen, flannel, etc.), but please make sure the fabric is quilt-shop quality. We want these quilts to last!

  • Deadline: November meeting. Quilts can be dropped off at any of the informal gatherings and if/when we start meeting in person.

  • Goal: 30 Twin XL quilts

While our focus is on providing quilts for the tiny homes, we realize larger quilts may be difficult for some members to complete for any number of reasons. So, we will also be collecting throw or larger size quilts for the community center that is being built in conjunction with the tiny homes. Again, these are for adults, so they still need to be largish quilts (think minimum of 60" x 60"). The same fabric requirements and deadline apply. Finally, if you can't participate in this project, don't worry! The committee is planning at least one more project for the second half of the year, so you'll have more chances to participate and give back.

You are welcome to use any quilt pattern you want or even go bold with some improv! If you need some help, below is a short list of patterns and designers whose patterns include a Twin size or that could easily be modified to meet the size requirements. Almost no patterns are designed explicitly for an XL Twin, but if you’re coming up short, you can easily adjust most patterns by adding borders, widening the sashing, or adding another row of blocks, depending on the design.

If you are interested in following along with the efforts of the larger quilt-making group, you can find them on Facebook here.

Thank you for your efforts! We look forward to seeing (and receiving) your beautiful quilts. And be sure to share your finished quilts on social media using #stlmqg, #stlmqgcares, and #stlmqgquiltsforvets.

Your 2021 STLMQG Charity Committee

Jessica Schunke (Chair), Gayle Larson, Kathy Mattingly, Krista Robbins, Gina Shelley, and Nichole Witushynsky

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