Saturday, July 10, 2021

In-Person Meetings: What to Expect

Friends. It's coming! Our first in-person meeting in 18 months (18 months!!) will be August 14, 2021! Are you ready? Yes, No, Maybe, Unsure? It's all good, we have you covered no matter your speed. Here is as much as we can think of to share with you about our meetings when you are ready to join us: 

What Happens to Zoom: Don't worry, for the remainder of 2021 we will still have a Zoom element to the meetings. It may not as interactive, but you will have a window into the action. 

COVID Precautions: We will be following whatever CDC guidelines are in place at the time of the meeting. These are fluid so be sure to check back often.

Meeting Locations and Times are located on the Meeting and Events Tab. Please note: in person meetings are 10:00am - 12:30pm which is an hour longer than when we were exclusively on Zoom. 

At the Meeting:
  • General Format: 
    • Arrive, Find a Seat, Get the Lay of the Land: This may include signing in, adding things to the free table, displaying blocks, etc. 
    • Guild Business, Announcements, Reminders
    • Break
    • Main Activity
    • Show and Share
    • Attendance Prizes and Raffle Drawings
  • Things to Do:
    • Sign In! If you wore a homemade name tag you will also get to pick up a ticket for attendance prizes. 
    • Purchase Fabric Raffle Tickets: pet the pretty fabric of the month and buy your tickets. 
    • Check Out Library Books: The guild has a robust collection of pattern, design, and technique books. You are welcome to check one out and bring it back to the next meeting!
    • Dig into the the Free Table: Add items you no longer need and take anything that looks interesting from the free table! 
    • Display your bee blocks and skill builder examples on the wall!
    • Bring something for Show and Share! At the end of the meeting anyone is welcome to come on stage and show off your latest make. 
    • Meet someone new! Look for folks wearing stickers that let you know they are guests or new members and say hello.
  • Things to Bring:
    • Check the agenda posted on the blog each Tuesday before the meeting to see if anything from our activities is due.
    • Your homemade nametag!
    • Library books you checked out the previous month.
    • Examples of your skill builder. 
    • Projects for Show and Share.
    • Items for the free table and a bag to take things home from the free table.
    • Anything you need to exchange with fellow members: traveling quilts, bee blocks, longarm projects...
    • A big ol' smile!
    • A friend! Folks can attend 2 meetings to see if we are a good fit for them. See the How to Join tab for more info. 
Odds and Ends/Further Explanations:
  • Name Tags: Make yourself a name tag and wear it to the meeting. When you check in you will be given a ticket and we will draw for attendance prizes at the end of the meeting. It can be embroidered, appliqued, written in fabric pen, sharpie, raspberry jam.... whatever you like! 
  • Free Table: This is NOT A TRASH TABLE. Please don't bring anything you wouldn't offer to your neighbor. Feel free to save any really great items for the December raffle. 
  • Monthly Fabric Raffle: We will have an online option to purchase tickets up until the evening before the meeting. Tickets will then be available for purchase at the meeting. (Potentially cash only, we are still working on this.)
  • Skill Builder: Get an extra ticket to win the monthly prize by bringing your skill builder example to the meeting!!
  • December Raffle: Each December our meeting is one big fund raiser/giveaway. In October and November you may start bringing nice items to donate to the raffle in exchange for tickets. You may also purchase tickets at the beginning of the December meeting. We then take time to put our tickets in the bag that corresponds to the items we hope to win. Once all tickets have been distributed, we start pulling out winning tickets!
  • Member Announcements: Not on the board or on a committee but have something you want to share? Great! There is always a moment set aside for members to stand up and share announcements. 

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